Video Script Surrounded by boreal forest on one side and the clear

Video Script
Surrounded by boreal forest on one side and the clear waters of Lake Superior on
the other, sunny skies are here to meet you in Thunder Bay.
Once occupied by the rugged voyageur of the Northwest Company, this Canadian
Shield City, is still settled by an adventurous people from all around the world, for
many good reasons.
Once dominated by the forest industry, the community now thrives on innovation to
build a safe, healthy and strong community, while adapting to change. With prices
for consumers lower than the provincial average, your dollars and resources go
further, making your quality of life better.
Our international airport is an arrival point for many visitors today; we are centrally
located on the continent, as a transportation access point to the world, giving us an
advantage for our own business and pleasure.
Ease of transport is incorporated in our ever-expanding bike lanes and new
pedestrian concourses, making our community more accessible and walk able.
Kneeling and ramped buses for improved mobility, and public WIFI makes being out
in the city more accessible.
With an affordable housing market, rated number one in Canada, new arrivals find
everything within easy reach, no urban jungle to contend with, leaving more time
for what’s important to you, family, friends and peace of mind.
With short commutes you can be from work… to the great outdoors in minutes, your
We embrace the nature on; skis, skates, and bikes, and retire around the campfire, to
enjoy smokies and s’mores.
Newcomers need time to catch-up to some fun rituals and customs. At the camp in
the saunas, we have many local dialects.
If you are returning to Thunder Bay, be prepared for culture shock, we’ve grown,
you might not recognize us.
College and university students, find an accommodating community with ample
fresh-air. For children there are Catholic and Public Schools, International
Baccalaureate Programs, and French immersion with exciting field trips “back in
time” or forward to the stars. Community Centre and groups offer something more
for everyone to explore, and by connecting to our 211 web services you can find a
host of other activities.
As families grow their own gardens, and participate in yard sales, there is a sense of
a self-sustaining community with a “Giant Heart.
“Summer in the Parks” at Prince Arthur’s Landing caters to the ear in the summer,
and then the symphony and theatre take over in the winter months. For those
inclined to recline with a book, the neighbourhood libraries are a community
gathering place and resource that strengthen our community.
An industrialist spirit has also embodied the natural surroundings where
entrepreneurs have created new coffee shops, boutiques, microbreweries and
bistros. The sizzle of food searing on the grill, offers locals and visitors alike a
variety of international cuisine.
Art Galleries exhibits and installations can be found tucked around the community,
opening your eyes to the visionary world-renowned Woodlands Art.
With an ever-changing vibe, the community is flexible and progressive, where
streets become playgrounds.
Diverse cultural events throughout the year, works to fit everyone’s pallet and
desires, as it brings the world closer to us.
With competitive sports activities taking place in the abundant outdoor playing
fields, it’s where people meet, play and celebrate. And when the big Chill or the
Thunderwolves take to the Ice, you know what side to root for.
There’s a pace of life here for everyone, where people ease into a rhythm of the days
and seasons, and grow, together into an inclusive community, bigger than its parts.
A community that embraces the needs for a healthy workspace and a place to be
inspired in play, a place open to developing your own lifestyle, where you will be
proud to say,
I’m from Thunder Bay.
Come join Us!!