Improving the health of agricultural workers and their families in

Improving the health
of agricultural workers
and their families in
Current status and policy
March 17, 2015, 12:00–1:00 pm at UC Center Sacramento
1130 K Street, Suite LL22, Conference Room B | Sacramento
Agriculture is a major driver of California’s economy, worth tens of
billions of dollars. Yet, most farm workers are immigrants with low levels
of education and socioeconomic status, live in poor housing conditions,
and have less access to health care, fewer legal protections, and higher
rates of occupational injuries and chronic diseases than workers in other
occupations. This briefing will describe the health of California’s farm
workers and make policy recommendations with the objective of
improving health outcomes.
Speakers: Gil Ojeda, Director, California Program on Access to Care, UC Berkeley
School of Public Health; Tom Coates, Director, UCLA Center for World Health;
Co-Director, UC Global Health Institute; Marc Schenker, Associate Vice Provost for
Outreach and Engagement, Distinguished Professor of Public Health Sciences and
Medicine, UC Davis; Co-Director, Center of Expertise on Migration and Health,
UC Global Health Institute
Panelists: Christopher Paige, Executive Director, California Human Development
(Santa Rosa-Stockton); Joel Diringer, Joel Diringer and Associates; Past Coordinator,
Farmworker Stakeholder Advisory Group (San Luis Obispo); Yissel Barajas, Chief
Human Services Officer, Reiter Affiliated (largest strawberry grower in California)
Admission is free, but registration is requested. Lunch will be provided.
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Sponsors: UC Global Health Institute with
support from the California Program on Access
to Care; Western Center for Agricultural Health
and Safety; Migration and Health Research
Center; Health Initiative of the America
Questions? Contact: [email protected]