May 2015 - Candlewood Yacht Club

77 Years And Sailing Strong
Commodore Tom's Comments
Thank you to everybody that was able to attend our
General Membership Meeting on March 27th. Our
board members presented their plans for 2015, and we
voted on, and approved, our budget. Once again, we
were able to avoid raising our dues. Thanks to our
members that work hard to keep our costs down that
made this possible. The meeting's presentation can be
found on our website.
We have already had our first work party, which was
well attended. We were able to get our docks
assembled, the canopy installed, some early season
cleanup completed, some new planter boxes built to
replace the flower pots under the canopy, and the
entrance ramp to the clubhouse was rebuilt. Thank you
to all that were able to help. Please be sure to fill out
the sheet in the clubhouse to track your time when you
are volunteering for the club. We want to ensure
everybody gets the credit for their time worked.
May 2015
Calendar Highlights:
Saturday May 2nd 6 PM, New Member's Party
at the Clubhouse
Saturday May 9 9 AM, boat launching
Thursday May 14th 6:30 PM Fleet meeting
/ race clinic
Saturday May 16th 9 AM Work party #2
Sunday May 17th 1 PM Spring Race #1 & 2
Sunday May 24th 1 PM Spring Race #3 &4
Monday May 25th 12 noon, Memorial Day Picnic!
For updates:
Page 2: Race Committee Update, Treasurer News
Page 3: New Members, Garden Club, Sea-Legs
Page 4: New Members Party, Lobster Fest
Page 5: Work Party Photos
Page 6: Memorial Day Picnic Flier
Page 7: Introduction To Sailing Program
End Page: Heavy Dock Work
I attended the CLA's "State of the Lake" meeting last
month. One of the main topics of discussion was the
introduction of sterile Triploid Grass Carp to the lake.
They have cleared the legal hurdles and are hoping to
beging stocking the lake some time in May. The DEEP
is holding a meeting on this topic on April 29th at 7:00
pm at WCSU. They are planning on adding 4,000 fish
throughout the lake. One of the possible stocking
locations is in Turtle Bay. Other locations that have
used these fish have had very positive results.
Our New Member's Party on May 2nd. One week later
on May 9th, we will hold our annual boat launching
party. May 16th is our second work party, and on the
25th is our Memorial Day picnic. There are also 3 race
dates scheduled for May, plus a race clinic which is a
great way to get more information on how our racing
Bob McCorkle scores the first sail of the season
News from your Race Committee:
It’s starting to finally feel like spring is finally coming!
The clocks have changed, last of the snow is just about
gone, longer days of sunlight and the docks are in the
water. This adds up to sailing season is just around the
bend! If you’re like me, you’re itching to get that boat
unwrapped, prepped and in the water and go sailing!!
Preparation and going through your boat is important
before launching. Check your rigging, especially your
standing rigging. Nothing is worse to come to the club
one sunny afternoon to go for a sail and find your mast
in the water due to a broken or worn fitting. A few
minutes to check goes a long way for a great sailing
season. This also applies to your trailer. Check those
tires for dry rot and when was the last time you
changed and/or greased those bearings. Imagine being
on the side of the road trying to fix it. No fun at all!
Also check all your safety gear, i.e. life jackets,
whistles/horns, navigational lights, anchor, etc. While
you’re at it, check your sails, running rigging too!
Now that it is all done, check the calendar at the CYC
website for events to go out and sail/race. We’ve have
a full calendar of events for you this season. It covers
everything from youth sailing to major events such as
the Flying Scot Greater New York Districts in
conjunction with Punzi Memorial in late August! This
year we have brought back Moonlight Sails. The three
Friday evenings which are nearest to a full moon have
been selected. There is the Wednesday Night race
series too. One more thing to remember! If you are
racing this season and want to qualify, you need to do
at least one afternoon/evening on Race Committee.
Without someone doing Race Committee, we can’t
have races. The Race Committee Schedule/sign ups are
up online. Already know dates that you want, email me
at [email protected] and let me know. Serving as RC
gives you points towards the required points you need
each year. Please have at least one other person on RC
with you and that you have the CT Safe Boating
Certificate. Without it, you cannot operate the
Committee Boat and we will need to have one steward
on the RC boat with you. Don’t have your certificate,
go online and find a course! They’re out there and sign
We saw the following on the Flying Scot Forum and
want to share it with you.
Scott Mauney, a Flying Scot sailor in Texas wrote:
“Fast Boats vs Slow Boats: An A kite is not always
faster than a symmetrical chute - overall, weight is the
most important factor. All else equal the lighter the
boat the faster it will go, and the faster it will
depreciate and be subject to damage under normal
wear and tear.
The best sailors in the world sail slower boats on a
regular basis: Ben Ainslie - Lasers and Finns. Paul
Foerster - Sunfish, Jeff and Amy Linton - a Flying
I have nothing against high dollar carbon fiber boats:
However, the type of boat you sail will not make you a
better sailor. Sailing an affordable long lasting boat
against great sailors will win this race.”
I think it hit the nail on the head! Most of us fall in the
category of “slow” boats. Point being is that just
getting out on the water and sail should be exciting and
rewarding. I always emphasize on one three letter
word: FUN! If you are not having fun, change
something. Whether it’s an attitude adjustment, stop
worrying about the other guy and sail your own boat. If
that doesn’t work, talk with others and see what they’re
doing. Most importantly, get out and sail! Whether
you’re a racer or a recreational sailor, experience the
sense of being in another world free from the daily
hectic routine of life!
See y’all soon on the water! Mark Riefenhauser
A Message from your Treasurer...
On Jan 31, 2015, everyone was sent via USPS an
invoice for his or her annual membership fees. If you
did not receive yours or want a replacement, please
send me a note to [email protected]
Half of your total fees are due by April 30th. Please
help us volunteers, if you haven't already, by sending
in your check the address on your invoice. The balance
is due no later than June 30th. Many members have
already paid in full.
If you want to change your status, or even just
[email protected]
Jeff Ginsburg, CYC Treasurer, ph. 860-354-4106
New Members
Fred and Susan King have just been voted in as new
members. They live in Brewster, NY. The family
includes 4 adult children: Adriene, Julia, Joshua, and
Emily. The Kings sail a 1980 O'Day 22.
The New Member's party is at the clubhouse on
Saturday evening, May 2nd at 6 PM. This would be an
excellent time to meet the new members as well as
mingle with old friends. Other opportunities to meet
the new members are the work parties and launch day
on Saturday May 9th.
Garden Committee
We have established a committee to plant and maintain
the garden beds and flower pots on the CYC property.
Our first meeting was the day of the last work party.
Present were Diane Kopta, Carol Beerbaum, Vikki
Shantz, Fran Kirk, Rosalie Seidt and Barbara Lobeck.
Clearing of all the beds and raking the lawn were
completed, down to the area of the stored boats. Once
the lawn is free, we’ll complete the clean up.
We also had a meeting to discuss planting bushes,
plants and flowers in the two beds along the clubhouse
(East and South sides) and the 7 flower pots along the
picnic tables. This will involve first amending the soil,
planting and then continued weeding and watering
throughout the season to maintain the health and
beauty of all.
We decided to restart the “Adopt a Pot” program which
was established years ago. We’re asking for 7
volunteers, who would each like to adopt one pot and
plant it with colorful annuals. The “new” pots, with
wooden boxes constructed for support and appearance,
are already cleaned of last year’s plantings (thanks
Denise) and will already be prepared with healthy soil
prior to your planting.
There will be a contest and the first place winner will
receive an amazing prize!
We welcome any suggestions about our gardens, and
plan regular newsletter updates. - Barbara Lobeck
Sea -Legs Event
Vikki has told us about this event and the organization
that is sponsoring it:
“This is the non-profit sailing organization that I
bought my boat from a few years ago. Their purpose is
to expose boys, girls and young adults to the maritime
experience through different programs. Donations of
boats and sailing equipment help fund the organization.
They are also having an event coming up soon that
CYC members might be interested in attending.”
Please visit and buy a ticket or two
for our annual event: Celebrity Night.
This is the only notice you'll be getting, and the event
is on Thursday, April 30. We will he honoring Rod
Johnstone, this year's celebrity guest. Rod will discuss
boat design
CYC Memorial Day Picnic
Monday May 25th
12 Noon til 5 PM
At the Club
Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Chicken & Steak will be grilled by our chefs
Your requirement, other than paying, is to bring a side dish as well as
An appetizer (A-L)
A Dessert (M-Z)
Cost: We have a new fee structure for our picnics this year.
Children 5 and under are free
$6.00 for ages 6-12.
$12.00 for children over 12 and adults that will not be drinking alcohol
$17.00 for those adults that will be enjoying our libations
Beef from Argentina?
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Heavy Dock Work
Eb Lobeck photo