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Welcome to Nelson Farms,
an FDA inspected Food Processing
Incubator and Pride of New York Retail
Country Store located in Nelson, NY.
For twelve years Nelson Farms has
been committed to providing product
development opportunities to those
desiring to bring a product from the
Stovetop to the Storefront. Our Country
Store sells Pride of New York products,
many of which became a possibility
though our product incubator division
of Nelson Farms. With the anticipation
Kristi Cranwell,
of an FDA inspected Shared Use
Director of Nelson Farms
Facility, Nelson Farms can provide
many services to help you get your product from a thoughtful idea to the
dinner table of homes throughout New York and the U.S. Our staff has the
experience to help you get started as you begin your adventure in food
This Introductory Food Processing Workshop, Stovetop to Storefront, will
cover topics such as: navigating food regulations, appropriate packaging
for your product, designing a label for aesthetics and legality, purchasing
the correct insurance, developing an effective business plan, the how
& why of safety and sanitation of food production, building a viable
commercial product from your recipe, nutrition labeling for the consumer,
and product development for your product.
We ask that you bring a small (one cup) sample of the food product(s) you
wish to develop and the recipe with any brand-specific information (this
will not be shared with the class unless you request it).
Speaker: Amanda Hewitt
Amanda Hewitt, Food Product
Development Specialist
has been involved with Nelson Farms’
mission of NY Quality Food Product
Development since its inception in
2003. Amanda holds a degree in
Dietetics from Morrisville State College
and has worked with clients to develop
viable food products for twelve years.
Her Cooperative Extension experience
coupled with her 25+ years in the
restaurant industry make Amanda an
obvious asset in developing quality
Each attendee must complete a registration form, a processor information
sheet, and read & sign Nelson Farms' Confidentiality Agreement. We ask that
you also bring a small (one cup) sample of the food product(s) you wish to
develop and the recipe with any brand-specific information. All registration
fees are due at time of registration.
Registration Fee: $150
Deadline: June 15, 2015
(Includes one attendee, +$30 for each
additional attendee associated with the business)
Submit Forms & Payment to:
Nelson Farms
ATTN: Stovetop to Storefront
3261 US Route 20
Cazenovia, NY 13035
Speaker: Amanda Taranto
is the Marketing Manager at the
Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation.
She has a Bachelors degree in Visual
Communications from Cazenovia
College and has years of experience
designing aesthetically appropriate and
effective product labels.
Business Name:_______________________________
Type of Product:_______________________________
Please indicate any dietary restrictions or allergies:
Amanda Taranto,
Marketing Manager
No. of Attendees:_____
We are excited about your interest in this class and hope that we can help
to get you on your way to SUCCESS in the food industry! Space is limited,
so don't delay! See you on June 17!
- Kristi
Speaker: Claudia Ynsuela
is the Sales Manager at Nelson
Farms. For years she has developed
relationships with customers, local
vendors, retail establishments and
clientele while working closely with
the NY Department of Agriculture and
Markets and Pride of New York program
to promote NYS products.
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Exp. Date: _____ / _____
CVV (3-digit security code):
Claudia Ynsuela,
Sales Manager
Amount Enclosed: $________
Checks made payable to Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation.
Signature: ____________________________________
Signature authorizes Nelson Farms/Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC) to charge your card
for registration fees.
Stovetop to Storefront | June 17, 2015
Tentative Agenda
Welcome and Introductions
Food Safety & Sanitation
Creating a Viable Product
Marketing your Product
Creating an Effective Label
Choosing a Container
Nutrition Labeling
Product Distribution
Product Development, Creating an Effective
Business Plan, Product Tasting & Viewing
St vetop
For more information, contact
Kristi Cranwell, Director of Nelson Farms
(315) 655-8831 x2
[email protected]
Introductory Food Processing Workshop
June 17, 2015 | 10:00am - 2:00pm
3261 Route 20 | Cazenovia, NY 13035 | 315-655-3301
www.nelsonfarms.org | /NelsonFarmsCountryStore
3261 Route 20 | Cazenovia, NY 13035 | 315-655-3301
www.nelsonfarms.org | /NelsonFarmsCountryStore