Powerful Models Workshop

 Powerful Models
Recommended for grades 2,3,4,5 this workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the key
foundational skills of narrative, expository/informative, and opinion writing:
• organizational frameworks
• salient characteristics
• author’s purpose
• a strong reading/writing connection
• practical student writing strategies that yield results.
This background will then be applied to the implementation of age-appropriate writing lessons in all
genres, along with related skills such as research, note-taking, response to text. Participants will have
the opportunity for collegial sharing around grade level content and implementation.
The Essential Guides to Writing are the teacher resources for this workshop. This combination of
training and resources will empower teachers to come away with everything they need to address
the required writing standards.
Rosen Plaza Hotel
April 30, 2015
9700 International Dr.
8:30 am-3:00 pm
Orlando, FL 32819
Check in: 8:00am
Registration Deadline: April 22, 2015
Registration Deadline:
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