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17 July- 24 July 2015
In July 2015, we are offering a new and exciting
travel program, a sailing trip on the IJsselmeer and
the Wadden Sea. You will sail a week along with a
group of up to 24 people which consists largely of
deaf people from different countries. We will be
visiting several villages, towns and islands and
there are activities organized as well.
The program includes, visiting "oerhollandse
picturesque"(historic dutch places), mudflats,
seals and porpoise watching, cooking together
and a pleasure on the island of Terschelling!
The cost for the sailing week::
€ 389,- p.p until 30 april.
After 30 april, € 409,- euro p.p
You'll get:
- A sailing week of 7 nights on the board of the
- Expert guidance from experienced sailors;
- Deaf tour guides;
- Breakfast and lunch (dinner optional);
- Fun activities and excursions;
- Having good contacts with a group of young
deaf people.
- International contacts with deaf people from
other countries, including guidance on the
development of international sign language skills.
- The language that we will be using on board is
thesign language (Dutch Sign Language and
international sign).
[email protected]
06 42274229 (telefon/sms/whatsapp)
17 July - 24 July 2015
Rival, the sailship.
We begin the journey in Enkhuizen, there we will
board the sailing ship "Rival". We sail to the first
port and there we will get to know each other.
We make our own meals accompanied by a
"signing" cook. That cook is able to sign as well.
(Enkhuizen is from Schiphol, about 1 hour and
10 minutes with train)
Right: The Sailship 'de Rival'
We will visit different villages and towns on the
IJsselmeer, depending on the wind, we follow a
route that can lead you past places including
Volendam, Marken, Stavoren and Makkum. All
wonderful places where the Dutch culture of 100
years ago comes to life.
Left: Volendam
Under: Wadwalking on the Waddensea
While sailing, you learn under the guidance of
the professional crew, how to sail. Perhaps
you can at any given moment itself at the
helm! After a few days we crossing over the
dam and we arrive in the Wadden Sea, a
nature reserve which is unique in the world.
The tidal range is so strong that the water ebb
as far as sinks that large parts of the seabed
out to dry. You can explore the area by foot
and look for special kinds of sea animals,
including seals.
We visit the island of Terschelling in the Wadden
Sea. You can relax but also do active things like
bicycle trips or driving their scooter. You may also
like going out, and we will certainly do!
The sailing week is especially designed for young people aged 18 to 35 years.
In agreement with this standard may be waived. Participation in the sailing week
participants under 18 years only with written permission from the
For more information and bookings.
Contact: Splinter Schagen and Pieter Vergeer
The journey continues with a minimum number of participants. With 24 entries, the boat is
full and registration is closed. The deadline for registration is May 1, 2015
Your place is reserved when the half of the payment is paid. Contact us for the applicationform and the invoice of the payment.
Email for the application: [email protected]
Wesemann Travel
[email protected]
0031642274229 (telephone / sms / whatsapp)
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