Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations
These guidelines are suggestions to help the show maintain a level of professionalism for our craft.
Failure to comply can result in forfeiture of ability to exhibit in future shows.
1. Frame builders must meet the minimum criteria for approval to exhibit. Must have been a frame
builder for a minimum of 2 years. Must have built a minimum of 50 frames. Must carry current
product liability insurance.
2. NO alcohol is allowed in the expo hall without approval from NAHBS and the designated
Foodservice Contractor.
3. NO “COAT TAILING.” Please read this carefully. It is in the contract; it is not negotiable. Violators
will be given the opportunity of removing offending bicycles from the show hall. If this
opportunity is not taken within 30 minutes of a written notice, said violators will be ejected
from the show without refund.
No bicycles are permitted in any frame builder’s booth other than those built by the
exhibitor, and if branded, bearing the exhibitor’s brand.
No sub-contracted bicycles are permitted. Not even those by a current-year NAHBS
No racing team bicycles, except those made by a current-year exhibitor which may be
displayed in that exhibitor’s booth.
Only current-year exhibitor bicycles may be displayed anywhere at the show.
Only current-year exhibitor bicycles may be displayed anywhere at the show.
DEFINITION: A secondary display bicycle is one that is made by an entity other than the
Secondary display bicycles may be used in non-frame builder booths, such as
component companies, accessory companies, clothing companies, media companies,
All secondary display bicycles must be made by a current-year NAHBS exhibitor. They
may not be made by any non-exhibitor.
4. NO “BACKPACKING.” You MUST have a booth to exhibit a frame/bicycle or product in the show.
Exhibitors and attendees are prohibited from carrying around one of their frames or products to
generate interest. Be on the lookout for builders or others, who did not purchase a booth, they
are not allowed in the show attempting to generate interest or business.
5. You are responsible for your booth and its security. While we have hired a private security team
to patrol the expo hall when we are not there, you MUST lock/store your booth and personal
belongings. Don Walker/NAHBS is NOT responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items. Please
refer to contract for further details.
6. General Liability insurance must be provided by the exhibitor prior to show opening. There are
NO exceptions.
7. Exhibitors must keep their sales confined to their exhibit space. Exhibitor representatives
wearing distinctive costume, displaying or carrying signage or as part of their apparel must
remain in their exhibit space.
8. No bicycle riding or test rides in the hall during show hours. No bicycles can be removed from
the show hall during show hours except by the photographer.
9. All requests for any exhibitor events, activities and hospitality suites must first be approved by
NAHBS. Events include: seminars, sessions or receptions conducted at one of the NAHBS
contracted properties or off-property during any NAHBS scheduled activity. Exhibitors
requesting a suite should notify NAHBS if it will be used for hospitality. Industry-related events,
entertainment and hospitality activities may not overlap with NAHBS Conference program
events. Each exhibitor will agree to observe the above policy as a condition of exhibiting. Any
event or other form of planned presentation that is scheduled, other than those approved by
NAHBS, will be regarded as an exhibit contract violation. Non-exhibiting suppliers will not be
permitted to host events or hospitality functions at any NAHBS contracted hotels or at any other
facility or location. If a non-exhibiting supplier violates this policy, the supplier risks being
excluded from NAHBS in the future.
10. The exhibit must be staffed during all open hours. Packing or removal of equipment, materials,
etc. will not be permitted during official show hours.
11. Exhibitors are prohibited to run programs or marketing in direct conflict with NAHBS programs,
such as awards, booth events without prior approval from NAHBS Exhibitors will not be
permitted to use loud noises such as video presentations with high volume, bells, sirens and
buzzers, dart games or other activities that may extend into the aisles or other exhibitors space.