PROJECT: The Berkeley Graduate (TBG) JOB TITLE: Project

The Berkeley Graduate (TBG)
Project Director
$720/month, pending Delegates’ approval
10/week - minimum
August 1, 2015 - May 31, 2016 (10 months)
Overview of Position
The Berkeley Graduate is an electronic publication published by the Graduate Assembly. These publications serve
graduate and professional students. The goal of this project is to inform and inspire graduate students by
connecting them to a campus-wide community. By tapping into the collective knowledge of the graduate student
body, this project aims to facilitate learning among graduate students about how to make the most of their time at
Berkeley. The Berkeley Graduate acts as a campus resource and as a forum that highlights exciting graduate
student work and activities and encourages student participation in the broader community by showcasing the
campus, local, state, and national impact of a variety of outreach, social and advocacy programs. Contributors to
the Berkeley Graduate have the opportunity to work collectively on a project with students from other schools and
departments. The aforementioned tasks serve to extend the reach and visibility of the Graduate Assembly.
Primary responsibilities
Manage The Berkeley Graduate to maintain regular and relevant postings
- (Fall/Spring) Publish minimum 5 pieces per week (may be daily or as a once-a-week periodical)
- (Summer) Posting recommended to maintain audience
- This position will include occasionally writing blog posts
- Must recruit writers and their submissions quickly and effectively for Content Editor
- Constantly solicit graduate students to write articles and op-eds from graduate students
Coordinate marketing and promotion the blog through social media (including Twitter and Facebook), flyers,
and other forms of advertising to maintain a strong online readership
Manage and coordinate activities of Content Editor, Social Media Manager, and Staff to ensure cohesive and
productive atmosphere
Manage TBG Finances, including budget creation and implementation, payroll, reimbursements, and any
other finance-related tasks
Arrange for staff members to attend, photograph, and report on GA-sponsored events
Additional Expectations
Attend all GA delegate meetings (first Thursday of every month from 5-9pm)
- Encouraged to write “Meeting Roundup” to give delegates a preview of what to expect at impending
Attend monthly meetings with the GA Campus Affairs Vice President
Hold office hours at Anthony Hall (1 hour per week)
Maintain project calendar, contact information, fliers, website, email lists, and social media accounts
Anthony Hall • MC #4500 • University of California, Berkeley • Berkeley, California 94720-4500
Main: (510) 642-2175 • Projects: (510) 642-2876 • Officers: (510) 643-0602 • Fax: (510) 642-7721 • URL:
Submit monthly updates for use in internal and external communications
Assist and support other project directors and GA-sponsored functions
Respond to emails within 48 hours
Read, understand, and abide by GA governing documents; to include the Charter, Bylaws, and Operating
Participate in GA staff meetings and retreats
Provide oral and written reports to the GA Delegates and GA Executive Board, as directed
- At minimum: once a semester to the Delegates and an end-of-year report to the Executive Board
Current UC Berkeley graduate student
Previous blogging, writing, editing, and web design experience
Journalism experience is preferable, publication experience is required
Profound understanding of English grammar and writing conventions
Strong commitment to equity and inclusion
Effective cross-cultural communication skills
Organized, punctual, good interpersonal and written communication (including ability to use
Strong networking ability, high sociability
Adept at financial management at an organizational level
Self-starter, strong level of independence, creative
Respectful of diverse opinions and underrepresented student experiences
About the Graduate Assembly
The mission of the Graduate Assembly is to improve the lives of University of California, Berkeley graduate
students and to foster a vibrant, inclusive graduate student community.
The Graduate Assembly is the official representative body of the graduate and professional students at the
University of California, Berkeley. The fundamental principles of the Graduate Assembly are the promotion of a
vibrant student social life, inclusiveness, progressive activism, community service, educational improvement, and
professional development. In service to these principles the Graduate Assembly advocates for students, funds
student groups on campus, and directly manages a variety of projects.
Anthony Hall • MC #4500 • University of California, Berkeley • Berkeley, California 94720-4500
Main: (510) 642-2175 • Projects: (510) 642-2876 • Officers: (510) 643-0602 • Fax: (510) 642-7721 • URL: