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Spring 2015
The Official Batchawana Bay Safe Harbours Association Newsletter
Greetings from the Batchawana Bay Safe Harbours
To promote tourism, community service
and safe boating by facilitating access
to from and on
Batchawana Bay.
As you may already know we are a not-for-profit organization ded-
BBSHA Mission Statement
icated to promoting and maintaining safe harbours and access to
Haviland Bay, Harmony Bay, Batchawana Bay and the east shore
of Lake Superior.
Our other priorities include promoting safe boating and tourism in
the area.
Last year was our first year of operation, and it was a success in
many ways and this year we are looking to build on that success
even more…
Remember to visit us on our website at
for more info and updates.
Gitchee Gumee Marina
In This Issue
Looking astern at
What's on deck for
the 2015 season
About Gitchee
Gumee Marina
Our Structure
Annual General
Don’t be disappointed reserve your slip today...
We currently operate the Gitchee Gumee Marina.
To access the marina by water we are located in
Haviland bay, at the SE end of Batchawana Bay,
which is part of greater Whitefish Bay at the eastern
side of Lake Superior. We are approximately 50 miles
(80 km) north of the Sault Locks.
To access the marina by land we are located at 296
Haviland Shores drive, just a 20 minute drive north of
Sault Ste Marie.
Marina has 30 slips and dockage for up to 40 foot
boats. Boat ramp, pump out facilities and public
washrooms are available. Gas, diesel, food and
lodging are located nearby within walking distance.
Current draft in entrance channel is 6 feet or 1.8m
Relaxing on the North Sandy Island...
Looking Astern at 2014
We can be reached anytime by calling 705-542-6764
or by email at [email protected]
Our website, provides recent
updates and is filled with Association information and
excellent progress in getting the Association established there in one season.
Substantial repairs were made to the docks and to the launch area prior to opening
in the spring of 2014.
In addition to this, due to solid support from boaters, the 2014 season was also
financially successful: we met all our obligations and maintained a small surplus.
As an organization we completed the process of drafting a Mission Statement, a
Charter, and a set of Bylaws for the Association.
After securing an initial one year lease on the marina, We entered into
discussions with the property owner to secure a long-term lease on the
while the weather was not cooperative, we managed overall a
successful boating season, and a positive launch for the Association.
Batchawana Island
Last year was our first year operating Gitchee Gumee Marina and we made
The Association currently
consists of a Board of 8
A group of voting members
(current count: 29 and
growing) who have reserved
docks at Gitchee Gumee
Marina and full participation
in Association business
In addition there are
general members. These
memberships are required
for seasonal launch
privileges as well as for
summer or winter land
storage at Gitchee Gumee
Day launches are available
on a fee schedule for the
general public.
We welcome both sail and
power boaters in the
*2014 Directors:
David Steele, President
Robert Luck, Vice President
Brian Curran, Sec./Treas.
Mark McKay
Bert Ffrench
John Johnson
Tom Allaway
Start of the Trans Superior Yacht Race off of Gros Cap
What's on Deck for 2015
This year we plan to build on the foundations that we created last year.
We expect to not only increase our membership but continue our work on
promoting the area.
In 2014 we had applied for a substantial Trillium grant to be used for channel
marker upgrades, launch ramp improvements, washroom upgrades and
improvements to the pump-out system; unfortunately we have learned that our
application was not successful, but we will be in consultation with Ministry
representatives to get guidance on ways to improve the application as well as
possibilities for future funding. We anticipate submitting another application later
this year.
We have just concluded discussions with the owner and finalized a five-year
lease on the property.
We already have some new members, and expect to be filling
additional slips. At the time of writing we currently have 29 voting
members, and 12 General members. The good news is that there
are only 8 slips available for this season if all
boaters from last year return. A recent survey of
these boaters indicate that most if not all will be
Sault College has acquired one of the sailboats
at the marina and we are in the process of
developing a boaters awareness coarse that may
be offered by the College or the Association.
We will
be holding our first Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, April 28, 2015
at 7:00 PM, in the cafeteria of the Alexander Henry High School (use rear
entrance to the school). All members and prospective members are urged to
During the meeting we will reviewing and approving last years financial
statements, reviewing last years accomplishments as well as discussing activities
for the coming season. There will also be a question and answer session. In
addition to this we will also be choosing Directors for the coming year.
Contact Us:
Please contact us for more info on
fee schedules, memberships, marina
rules or just general information:
Here is how that process will take place...
Voting Members are asked to submit nominations for potential Directors no
[email protected]
later than two weeks before the AGM. Please note that the name being put
forward (nominee) must be a voting member of the Association in good standing,
they must also have the support of at least one other voting member.
The current Board of Directors will compile a slate of the nominees and distribute
it to the membership via email no later than 5 days before the AGM. Members
who cannot be present at the AGM may submit their vote in favour/opposition, to
the Association by email no later than 24 hours before the AGM. The slate of
nominees will also be presented at the AGM for a vote by those voting members
Please note that in order to vote for the new Directors you must be a voting
member in good standing, which means you must have paid your membership fee
for this season prior to the AGM start.
Once the new Board of Directors has been selected, the new Board will conduct
a vote within themselves to determine the new President, Vice
President and Secretary/Treasurer.
The launch date for this year will rotate around the middle of May
since the Victoria Day long weekend is May 16 - 18 we will launch
boats who require a crane either the weekend before or after the
long weekend. Announcements will be made when the date is
finalized. Docks will be put in place at the beginning of May.
Please remember that payment for crane service is not included in
Association fees and is made directly at launch time.
All memberships for the coming year need to be paid before the start
of the Annual General Meeting if you would like to vote.
Deadline for Director Nominations
Since we
are a non
dependent at this point)
we are always
looking for people
to help out, if you
would like to
please contact us.
Important Dates to Note
April 14, 2015
Deadline for email voting April 27, 2015 (7 PM)
Annual General Meeting April 28, 2015 (7 PM)
Deadline to confirm your slip from last year May 1, 2015
Tentative date for Haul-in is either May 9th or 23rd (weather
2015 Season Slip payment for confirmed slips due
June 1, 2015