Term 2: Unit of Inquiry Australian History Migration

Thursday 23rd April 2015
Year 4
Celebration of
Friday May 22nd
9:00 - 10:00
Wednesday 29th April
Curriculum Day
15th May
Focus on Writing
Term 2: Unit of Inquiry
Australian History
Three Way
Tuesday 23rd June
Thursday 25th
2016 Prep Information
Night 7:00pm
Central Idea:
Migration is influenced by political, social, and economical circumstances and can shape
our personal and national history and identity and also have an enormous impact on the
Australian Community.
Students have brainstormed what they understand about early Australian
History and what they believe led people to Australia and to discover new
places. They have come up with many interesting questions that they would
like to explore as part of our unit of inquiry. Some of these include:
Who were the explorers that discovered Australia and why did they come?
Why did the Europeans settle in Australia?
Why do people migrate?
What effects does migration have on people and places?
What was life in Australia like before the arrival of the white people?
In this unit, students investigate stories of migration and the impact of
migrants on Australian society over time, especially the arrival of the
Aborigines and the First Fleet.
Getting Along
Learning and Growing Together
Year 4
Measurement and Geometry:
•Using simple scales, legends and directions to interpret information contained in basic
• Comparing objects using familiar metric units of area and volume
Statistics and Probability:
• Describing possible everyday events and order their chances of occurring.
• Identifying everyday events where one cannot happen if the other happens.
• Identifying events where the chance of one will not be affected by the occurrence of the
Literacy: The following is an outline of what we will be focusing on during the term.
In reading we are continuing to practise skills through guided reading groups and whole class
lessons to improve our ability in:Thinking Within the Text
Thinking Beyond the Text
Thinking About the Text
Our writing focus is on descriptions. Their purpose is:To describe the characteristics of people, places and things
Introduction:Informs the reader about the subject being described
Characteristics:Describes details about the subject
Evaluation:Provides a personal comment about the subject.
Speaking and Listening, Spelling and Handwriting is also taught in our Literacy sessions.
ICT:- Each class attends the computer lab for an hour session each week where they
will using the computers for a variety of set tasks.
Students will be researching some of their ‘I wonder why’ questions from their inquiry
unit. These have included delving further into an area of life in Australia before the
arrival of the First Fleet.
We have also been practising our times tables through quizzes and games on the
Student comments, questions and reflection…
A cross country reflection…
‘When I got back to the school grounds I started running
faster. I didn’t want to look slow in front of the crowd,
especially Mr Davey. I think I did a pretty good job. I went
back to the hill with my ribbon. I was exhausted.’
Acceptance - Respect - Life-long Learning Integrity
Numeracy: The following is an outline of what we will be focusing on during the term.
Number Facts: students are expected to have automaticity of all the times tables and
number facts to at least 20. This term we have a particular focus on the Times Tables
especially 4x, 5x, 6x and 7x.