Harper Lake Model Yacht Club

Harper Lake Model Yacht Club
Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2015
Open Meeting
Commodore Don Verhaeghe opened the meeting at 10:15 AM at the shop of
James Hayward, in Louisville, CO.
Those in attendance were:
Commodore – Don Verhaeghe
Bill McGregor
Vice Commodore –
Roy Tanner
Secretary/ Treasurer – Ken Hegy
Bill Sherrell
Richard Ball
Stew Williams
Leland Dong
Linda Townsend
Chuck Drake
Tom Quesenbery
James Hayward
Ron Johnanson
I would once again like to thank James Hayward for letting the club use his shop for the last three months
for our meetings. It is greatly appreciated.
We had thirteen skippers present for the meeting on a beautiful Colorado day.
Thanks to Ron Johanson for bringing doughnuts. . What a welcome surprise and a tasty treat.
Secretary/Treasurer Report
The club currently has 22 paid members and a positive balance in the Treasury. We had no expenditures in
Other Officer Reports
No report
Regatta Schedule
The monthly Club Regatta schedule for 2015 is posted on the web site at http://hlmyc.org.
Old Business
Race Directors Instructions for Victoria and ODOM Regattas.
Tom Quesenbery had volunteered, at the February meeting, to put together a set of guidelines for the race
Directors for our monthly Victoria and ODOM Regattas. These guidelines will help ensure continuity
between the regattas. Some of the guidelines may be read as a refresher before each Regatta, such as
staying clear of the start line, no dip starts allowed, and a reminder to skippers to keep track of the boat
ahead at the finish line to enable the score keeper to accurately record the finishing order. The guidelines
are attached, and I suggest all read and become familiar with them.
New Business
Colorado Crew Invitation
Ken Hegy announced the Colorado Crew has invited the HLMYC to their annual Regatta at Keystone
Resort, to be held on August 15 -16. This is a really fun, relaxing event. If you go to their web site,
(http://thecoloradocrew.org) you can see just what types of powered boats they bring.
That is, however, the weekend of our August ODOM regatta. If there are enough ODOM skippers who
want to go to Keystone, we could reschedule our Regatta. I will pass on updates from The Colorado
Crew as I get them, using the current club members list.
Roy Tanner suggested the current members list also contain the class of boat and the boat number for each
individual. The secretary will update the list accordingly, and send it out.
Rules of Racing Clinic by Don Verhaeghe.
Thanks to Don for all his effort putting together and conducting this informative clinic.
Don passed out an excellent summary of the rules of racing, and applicable diagrams of situations that
frequently apply to our regattas.
Don started out by going over start/finish line protocols. We use multiple buoys at the start line, so we can
maintain the best heading to the windward marks.
A suggestion was made to establish a fixed finish line for the Regattas. The line would consist of the
single outer ball, and the middle ball of the three balls at start line. This would eliminate trying to
remember which set of balls define the finish line. All agreed that was a good idea, so we will implement
that suggestion. This will only apply to one lap races and not extended races.
Don then reviewed:
Boat right of ways
Start line barging.
He then passed out a quiz consisting of seven different rules scenarios. Each situation was discussed and
the proper answer with the applicable rule discussed.
Overall there was a lot of good discussion among the members. Everyone should have a better
understanding of the rules, which normally come into play at our regattas.
The summary of the Racing Rules of Sailing that were passed out are attached. Again, I would encourage
members to become familiar with them. I did not include the quiz.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM
Minutes Transcribed by HLMYC Secretary Ken Hegy