Breaking and Building Borders in Europe April 10 Schedule

UC Berkeley Institute for European Studies
“Breaking and Building Borders in Europe,” April 10, 2015
Inaugural Graduate Conference
8:45-9:30am: Coffee and light breakfast for panelists and discussants, 201 Moses Hall
1) 9:30-11am: Europe as Global Actor, 201 Moses Hall
Mirja Schoeder (Institute of Political Sciences and European Affairs, University of Cologne): EUTurkey energy relations, a path towards flexible integration
Noah Kittner (Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley): Kosovo’s Power Sector, European
integration, and the cost of coal
Matthew Stenberg (Department of Political Science, UC Berkeley): Staffing the EEAS: Accounting for
Individual-level Incentives in Multilevel Administration Theory
Discussant: John Zysman (Department of Political Science, UC Berkeley)
11:00-11:15: Coffee Break
2) 11:15-12:45pm: Identity beyond European borders, 201 Moses Hall
Josef Švéda (Charles University, Prague): Re-Thinking the Nation's Identity through the "American"
Experience. The Czechs at the Center and Borderline of Civilization
Marjan Wardaki (Department of History, UCLA): Transnational Connections in Weimar Germany:
Social and Political Interaction between Germany and Afghanistan in the Early Twentieth Century
Jennifer Allen (Department of History, UC Berkeley): National Monuments in an Age of
Discussant: Sarah Cramsey (Department of History, UC Berkeley)
1-2:30pm: Lunch at Faculty Club for panelists
3) 2:45-4:15pm: Building Legal Regime: From Commerce to Citizenship, 201 Moses Hall
Christopher Casey (Department of History, UC Berkeley): Sovereign Commerce
Sarah Ganty (Institute for European studies, Université libre de Bruxelles): Integration of Migrants in
the European Union: Breaking Legal, Cultural and Institutional Borders
Abigail Stepnitz (Law School, UC Berkeley): Logic or Lottery? The Role of the European Court of
Justice in Constructing European Citizenship and European Identity
Patrick Donnelly (Department of Political Science, UC Berkeley): Economic Conditions and Support for
Peripheral Parties
Discussant: Richard Buxbaum (Law School, UC Berkeley)
4:30-5:30, Key-Note and Discussion: Roland Hsu (Europe Center, Freeman Spogli Institute for
International Studies, and Comparative Literature, Stanford University) “The Place of Europe: On
European experience with immigration and deficits of democracy at home and abroad”:
5:30-6:30pm reception, Moses Hall