Osaka Call Center `Introduce a Buddy` Campaign!

Osaka Call Center
'Introduce a Buddy' Campaign!
★Introduce a family member or friend,
and get a ¥2,000 discount coupon!
★The person you introduce will
get a ¥1,000 off their ticket!
【Procedure Flow】
The person who introduces
STEP1 Send us the information of the person you would like to introduce.
STEP2 We will contact the person you introduce.
STEP3 At the time of his/her departure, we will produce a ¥2,000 H.I.S.
discount coupon.
The person who is introduced
STEP1 We will contact him/her by phone.
STEP2 At the time or reservation we will discount
¥1,000 off the ticket price.
【Terms and Conditions】
・The Osaka Call Center 'Introduce a Buddy' Campaign is limited to the
West Kansai Multilingual Section.
・The person introduced must not have used the West Kansai Multilingual
Section in the past.
・The campaign will not apply if the person introduced places a
・There is no limit to the number of people one can introduce.
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