Ireland’s Taoiseach has said that there will be two referendums held on Friday, May 22 nd, 2015.
The two referendums are: The Marriage Referendum - this proposal is to include a new clause
in the Constitution which, if passed, will mean two people will be able to marry each other
regardless of their sex; and, the Age of Presidential Candidates Referendum – this proposal is to
reduce the age at which candidates are eligible for election to the office of President of Ireland
from 35 years of age to 21
In May, Ireland could become the first country in the world to pass marriage equality by a
popular, national vote. Ireland’s referendum on the issue enjoys support from all major political
parties and the majority of the public, something unimaginable just a decade ago.
A number of arguments have been put forward both for and against the lowering of the age
presidential candidacy age requirement. Proponents make the case that full political
participation includes the right to become candidates, as well as the right to vote. Some argue
that a lower candidate age threshold will lead to greater youth participation in politics.
ISCA-AIDC, a non-governmental organization with offices in Saskatoon and Charlottetown, is
offering a limited number of individuals the opportunity to participate as international election
observers. While in Ireland participants will receive training covering various aspects of election
monitoring, observe voting on Referendum Day and observe counting of the ballots at the
Counting Centre as an officially accredited international observer. ISCA-AIDC will provide
participants with observer accreditation and organize accommodations, in-country training and
Referendum Day travel. Please note that this is a self-funded observation mission. Mission dates
are May 20-24, 2015. For more information, visit or email [email protected]
Tentative Agenda
May 20th, 2015
May 21st, 2015
May 22nd, 2015
May 23rd, 2015
May 24th, 2015
Arrive in Dublin, Ireland
Attend training and logistics briefing
Visit polling stations during voting hours
Counting Centre for vote count
Observers depart
Ireland Referendum Observation Mission 2015
1) Cost – The cost of the Ireland Referendum Observation Mission is $1,699.00 CDN* per
person (based on single occupancy). Double occupant rates are available – please
2) ISCA-AIDC will submit names of observers for accreditation on Thursday, April 9th, 2015.
3) Payment schedule – Initial deposit of $849.50 is due on April 13th, 2015, and remainder
of $849.50 due on May 5th, 2015. CANCELLATION POLICY: If you have to cancel prior to
May 5th, 2015 the initial deposit is retained; after May 5th, 2015, 100% of cost is
retained. *It is strongly recommended that you purchase cancellation and medical
4) Includes accommodation (based on single occupancy) for 4 nights, 4 breakfasts, training
sessions on the 21st (includes coffee/tea breaks and lunch), an evening dinner on the
night of the 21st, training materials, Referendum Day transport, transport to/from
Counting Centre, observer mission vest, and observer accreditation. Not included are:
international airfare, transfers to and from hotel; meals not mentioned above, or any
activities/sightseeing entrances.
5) Disclaimer: Although ISCA-AIDC makes every effort to verify and select professional and
quality service providers, ISCA acts as an agent for the owners and contractors providing
transportation, hotel or other services, and therefore, shall not be liable or responsible
in any way for any loss, damage, injury, delay or accident due to any default on the part
of any company or person engaged in any part of this observer mission. We reserve the
right to withdraw any tour outlined or to make changes to itineraries or schedules as
circumstances deem necessary.
6) ISCA-AIDC expects that each selected observer will contribute as an active member of
the mission. It is our objective to provide each selected candidate with easy access to
the information they will need to be an informed and effective election observer. It is
the selected candidate's responsibility to read the information provided and actively
engage in their own preparations for departure.
7) All observers should conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism. Each will be
asked to sign a letter of agreement and code of conduct prior to departure. Observers
must maintain strict impartiality in their conduct, and never express any bias or
preference in relation to the national authorities, parties, candidates, or any issues in
contention in the election process
Ireland Referendum Observation Mission 2015
(Complete this page and email a scanned copy to [email protected])
Last Name (as it appears on passport):______________________________________________
Given Names (as it appears on passport):____________________________________________
Street name: __________________________________________________________________
Town: _________________________________________ Postal code: ____________________
Province: ______________________________Country:________________________________
Passport Information:
Date of Birth: _________________________ Sex:_________ Citizenship:__________________
Passport Number:___________________ Expiry Date:__________________________________
Please tell us a bit about yourself (include any pervious election experience and why you are
interested in observing this election):
If selected, I agree to adhere to the observer code of conduct, maintaining professional
independence and strict impartiality.
Ireland Referendum Observation Mission 2015
Tour Agenda
Wednesday, May 20th, 2015
Participants arrive in Dublin
19:00 Social Hour, Distribute Mission Materials and Observer Vests
Thursday, May 21st, 2015
Breakfast (Provided at hotel)
Training all day at hotel meeting room
09:00 – 09:30 Introductions
08:30 – 09:00 Why observe elections?
09:00 – 09:30 Observation Code of Conduct
09:30 – 10:30 International Election Observation Methodology
10:30 – 10:45 Coffee Break
10:45 – 12:30 Referendum Backgrounder
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch (provided at hotel)
13:30 – 13:30 Ireland’s Referendum Law and Voting Process
13:30 – 13:45 Coffee Break
13:45 – 14:30 Observation Forms
14:30 – 15:00 Referendum Day Logistics
15:00 – 15:30 Questions
Referendum Eve Dinner (Provided at hotel)
Friday, May 22nd, 2015
Breakfast (Provided at hotel)
Observers Picked up at hotel
06:45 – 22:15 Observe voting in polling stations in Dublin and surrounding areas
Observers return to hotel
Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
Breakfast (Provided at hotel)
Observers depart for Count Centre
Observers depart Count Centre and return to hotel
Evening Free
Sunday, May 24th, 2015
Breakfast (Provided at hotel)
Participants depart