2015 MBYC Spring After School Sailing Program

2015 MBYC Spring After School Sailing Program
Beginner/Advanced Double-handed class:
The Beginning/Advanced Double-Handed course is designed for our learn to sail and advanced racing sailors. This
class focuses on all areas of sailing and is taught by one of our most advanced coaches. This class is designed for
ages 12 -17 (including High School sailors) and is a very informative course.
Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Laser class:
This class is designed for students interested in learning the basic and intermediate techniques of sailing a Laser.
This boat is the perfect transition from smaller Sabot to the much bigger Laser. In this class we will instruct the
students on all the basics of the boat as well as boat handling, rigging, and an introduction to racing. The MBYC
Junior’s have a limited amount of charter Lasers available, so having your own boat is recommended.
29er Racing Class:
This class is designed to improve all aspects of 29er sailing. We will be going over all the proper techniques, all the
tips, and how to properly rig the boat. (There are not charter boats available for this class)
Beginning Sabots:
The Beginning Sabots class is a course designed for kids that are between the ages of 7-12 and are first
time or former summer sailors. This class is focused on fun and learning and is intended to introduce the
kids to racing at the end of the course.
Advanced Sabots class:
This class is the most advanced Sabot class that we have to offer. In this class students will learn the technical
aspects of sailing along with doing video work. There will be classroom talks about strategy and mechanics prior to
going on the water every day. Students are expected to compete in multiple regattas as well as weekend clinics.
The format for the after school program:
2:30pm - 3:25pm
3:25pm - 3:35pm
3:35pm - 5:00pm
5:00pm - 5:15pm
5:15pm - 5:30pm
Arrive and rig boats
Classroom discussion on the days drills
On the Water Drills
De-rig Boats
De-brief on drills
The first week of the class will start on March 25th and run weekly Wednesday thru Friday until May 29th. Please
look below to see the weekly schedule of classes:
Beginning/ Advanced Double-handed
Beginning/ Advanced Lasers
Beginning, Beginning Racing and Advanced Racing Sabots
The cost is $30 per sailor per day for the entire 11 week class. All juniors attending the after school sailing program
must become junior members of MBYC if not already (please contact the MBYC Junior Sailing Office for details).
Charter boats are available for the cost of $50 for the entire class. Please fill out the attached form below to
register for the class.
2015 Spring After School Sailing Registration Form
Child Name: _________________________________________________________________
Street Address: ______________________________________________________________
City: __________________________ State: ________________ Zip Code: _______________
Parent/Guardian Name: _______________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Cell #: ________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Work #: ______________________________________________________
E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________________
Important Information:
-Please make checks payable to MBYC
-All participants must be members of MBYC (Junior or Family membership required)
-All Participants must provide their own life jacket
-Charter boats available
-Pro-rated classes are available upon request
Please select the class or classes you will be attending below
Beginning/Advanced Double-handed (Wednesdays)
Advanced 29er Racing (TBD)
Beginning/Intermediate Lasers (Thursdays)
Beginning Sabots (Fridays)
Beginning Sabot Racing (Fridays)
Advanced Sabot Racing (Fridays)
Do you need to charter a Sabot or Laser?
Would you like to charge your Yacht Club account? Member #_______________________