File - Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Cougar Courier
April 2015
Principal's Message
I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Spring Break. April is a very important
month for students at Kawana Academy of Arts & Sciences. Teachers have been working
hard all year with their students in language arts, mathematics, technology and the content
areas. It is now time to show what we know!
The testing window for the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) begins on April
7th. Students will take a variety of tests designed to measure student progress towards
meeting the Common Core Standards. These tests are important for students, parents and
Kawana Academy.
I hope you will help your children prepare for testing by making sure they are well
rested, are at school on time everyday, and have a chance to eat a healthy breakfast.
Please speak to your children and discuss your expectation that they take the tests
seriously and put forth their best effort.
Carol Castro, Principal
SBAC Test Schedule
3rd Grade 4/7 - 4/10
4th and 5th Grades 4/28 - 5/1
6th Grade 4/13 - 4/17
Counselor’s Corner~ Shelly Schubert
Perseverance is commitment, hard work, patience, and endurance with the ability to bear
difficulties calmly and without complaining. KAAS students have the ability to work hard
and they demonstrate perseverance daily. With the end of the school year approaching
quickly, students will need to work hard on projects, testing, and classwork in order to
receive good grades. Staff and teachers will help students persevere through the
challenging end of the year work.
- Ways students can show perseverance in and outside the classroom:
Give up your TV time to study or try a new sport that is very difficult and don’t give up.
If you missed school, ask the teacher for make-up work and do the work.
Study and try hard to raise your grades on tests and certain subjects.
Save money and make sacrifices to buy something you really want.
- When you are done ask yourself:
Did I stay positive even when I made a mistake?
Did I encourage others not to give up and keep trying?
When I was confronted with a problem, did I work hard to solve it?
Am I patient with myself, and others when something is hard?
On behalf of Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences it is my pleasure to
select Mrs. Sophia Diaz as Teacher of The Year. Mrs. Diaz has been an important member
of our school community since September of 1996 when she began teaching at Kawana
School. Mrs. Diaz demonstrates excellence in teaching. She understands that being a
great educator requires a deep knowledge of subject matter content, and academic
standards. She is a valued member of the Bellevue District Curriculum Committee and
contributes greatly to committee projects, which benefit students and teachers in the entire
She holds high expectations for her students and engages them in rigorous work while
meeting the needs of diverse learners.Mrs. Diaz treats her students with kindness, and
respect. She maintains a safe, responsible, and respectful learning environment. Students
in Mrs. Diaz’s class are engaged in learning and exhibit a growth mindset. As a member of the Kawana Academy faculty, Mrs. Diaz collaborates with colleagues
to promote high-level instruction for all students. She utilizes the latest technology in
teaching and learning, and is committed to continuous professional growth.
Mrs. Diaz goes above and beyond the school day by teaching after school math
intervention, and basket weaving enrichment classes. She is organized and dependable,
and has successfully led Kawana Academy’s Math Festivals and Family Math Nights this
year. It is an honor to recognize the important work of Sophia Diaz and her contributions to
our school community.
Congratulations Mrs. Sophia Diaz - Teacher of the Year!
- Carol Castro, Principal
Filmmakers Naomi Fructuoso,
Congratulations to Mrs. Sandhu and her
students for submitting ten films to the first
ever Five Minute Film Festival organized by
SCOE. The contest gave students a chance
to communicate their understanding of
content learned, through the medium of film.
Over 100 films were submitted, and the
film Egypt on the Nile, by Alexxa
Briceno and Naomi Fructuoso, was one of
only fifteen films selected to be shown on the
big screen at Third Street Cinemas on March
16th at 5 pm. Mentor - Dishad Sandhu, Alessa Briceno
Important Dates 4/2 Assembly 1:55-2:35pm 3-6 (1st Grade)
4/3 Spring Picture Day - No Common Dress required
4/14 BUSD School Board Meeting 6:00-8:30pm
4/20 PTA Meeting 4:00-5:00pm 4/22 KAAS Open House 6:00-7:00pm
4/25 Día del Niño 2:00-6:00pm
4/27 Assembly 1:55-2:35pm TK-2 (4th Grade)
4/28 Assembly 1:55-2:35pm 3-6 (4th Grade)
4/28 KAAS Governance Council 6:00-8:00pm