Carol Collins - Lancaster YMCA

Carol Collins
Education and Certifications:
Interactive Fitness Trainers of America (IFTA) Certified Personal
CPR/AED certified
Wellness/Fitness Philosophy:
Physical fitness and overall health are crucial to living a fulfilling life. I
love keeping an active lifestyle. Motivating and educating people on
how to make positive and lasting improvements in their own lives is
very important to me.
I have hands-on experience with a wide variety of clients; from sportspecific training to everyday functionality and body toning. I also
enjoy working with clients of all ages. My goal is to create a workout
program specifically designed for you. My aim is to encourage you to
take those steps necessary for leading a long and healthy life.I
understand how challenging it can be to stick with a program, but I
will be there for you, helping you through each and every workout.
Health is the greatest gift in life. So whatever goals you may have, I
am dedicated in helping you reach them!
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