Sailing activities

Sailing activities
World class sailing events for 4 to 40+ persons.
Check our ”Action by Sailing Plus menu” for up to 100pax for your
kick-off, incentive day, conference activity etc. Visit the following page for:
Sail racing – Tour sailing – Catering – RIB – Charter boats – Watercrafts – Activities on shore .
Booking / quotations: Please contact: [email protected] /+46 8 – 410 184 07
Sailing packages
Safety equipment , sailing gear and skillful coach on board, always included!
Sailing & Yoga
Activate the minds of your team followed by a
race or a thrilling tour sailing in the archipelago.
Our skipper / Volvo Ocean Race sailor and Yogateacher Anders Lewander will show you the way
to self consciousness. Useful in the boat as well
as back home in every day life at the office!
RIB-Speed boat:
RIB as tender boat for sail racing as well as
complementary during tour sailing is a perfect mix
of two fantastic ways of exploring the archipelago.
A good atraction in order to match different
wishes in the group.
Jet Watercraft:
This ”close to the elements” experience, is really
something to try. Always supervised
(as all our activities) by skilful guides.
Electrical scooter:
Good for the environment and always a pleasure
to ride! Go on a tour or try to drive a course as
fast as possible. If you wish a complementary
on-shore activity during a sailing event.
Charter Mini Ship:
The smaller charter ships are a perfect platform
for mingle or having a lunch break during
sailing. Enables bigger groups to be out on the
water together or why not for a conference on
the way out to your regatta.
From Picnic to Dinner :
Enjoy yor sailing day together, backed up with a
suitable mix of food and drinks. From a coffe
break in the cockpit to wine and grilled beef on a
cliff or at a nice archipelago restaurant!
Sail a SeaCart-26 Trimaran:
Experience flying two hulls in a race boat
together with the coach on board. Join the
thrill in a regatta along a buoy track, or an
archipelago race around the icelands.
(3 pax per boat. Group size: Up to appr 18 pax out
on the water. Required time: From 2 hrs >)
Sail the Melges-24:
One of the most appreciated mono hull sports
boats. Great fun for both experienced sailors
as well as beginners. With 3 Melges-24s and
our RIB tender, 24 persons cooperates in action
close together towards the goal.
(4 pax per boat / team. Group size: Up to 24 pax.
Required time: From 2 hrs >).
Big boat Sailing:
Experience spacious and luxury Swan
yachts or the 100 ft super maxi. Even
possible to arrange a regatta followed by
delicious on board food and beverage.
(Max 12 pax per boat)
Pick and mix as you wish!
With sailing as the main atraction we have a package
for groups of 4 to 40+ pax. (Please do not hesitate to
get in touch if you are a bigger group).
Alwas welcome to pick as you wish frome the plusmenu, and we reply asap with an offer and to discuss
the aim of your day. Even with no sailing at all.
We offer for instance RIB-charter speed transfer out to
any of the archipelago gourmet restaurants.
Warm welcome to contact: Jonas Lindblom
+46 8 - 410 184 07 [email protected]