Thank you!

Thank you!
MICAH joined with more than 1,330 others across the nation in signing the SAVE for All
federal budget letter. Because you participated, we were able to tell every member of
Congress that service providers (more than 400) faith groups (more than 250), labor,
civil rights, policy experts, community-based and small business groups and other
advocates support a federal budget that protects low-income and vulnerable people,
invests in a stronger economy for ALL of us, and is responsible in paying for the
services we need through increased revenues from fair sources and savings by curbing
waste in the Pentagon and elsewhere. At this count, 218 national organizations joined
with more than 1,100 state and local groups in signing the letter.
This is just the start. Sadly but unsurprisingly, the House of Representatives voted
yesterday for a budget that does the opposite of what the SAVE for All principles call
for. The Senate is likely to follow suit late today, with a budget that is almost as bad.
These budgets are built on drastic cuts to basic programs like Medicaid, SNAP, lowincome tax credits, and the Affordable Care Act, plus unsustainable cuts to other
domestic programs. When Congress has to fill in the details by voting for painful cuts to
education, housing, WIC, child care, Head Start, home energy assistance, meals for
seniors, and so much more, they will have to think twice about it.
That's where we come in. Together, we need to show how painful these
cuts would be, and how foolish it would be to cut services and benefits
that help people every day.
You can keep the SAVE letter's message in Congress' line of sight by signing and
sharing this petition telling Congress to invest in America and #StopTheCuts.
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Americans are calling for a federal budget that works for ALL, not just the wealthy
few. Will you add your name?
45.3 mil Americans live in poverty. Tell Congress #CutsHurt America and our
economy → #StopTheCuts
A budget with more waste or more investments? The choice is clear. Tell
Congress to #StopTheCuts to human needs:
There will almost certainly be an agreement in the coming months to avoid some of the
cuts. We need to be a loud voice insisting that human needs programs need saving, to
counter those who only want to add funding to the Pentagon. Thanks for making our
voice more persuasive, and louder.