Expression of Interest Form

Expression of Interest Form
Please note that in order to allow us to complete our suitability assessment process, it is essential to respond to all questions. Please
confine your answers to the spaces provided. All information provided in the form will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Home Phone:
Are you interested in opening your own
clinic or opening in partnership with
someone else?
If in partnership, provide details:
Please provide a brief summary of your
previous employment/business experience.
How long have you been looking for
a franchise?
Are there any other franchises that you
are considering?
If yes, provide details:
How did you hear about Motivation
Weight Management?
What is it about Motivation Weight
Management that caught your attention?
Have you ever completed the Motivation
Weight Management Programme?
If yes, provide details:
Have you had any other experience
of Motivation Weight Management?
If yes, provide details:
Are you particularly interested in
a “management” type franchise?
Do you intend to focus solely on running
your clinic or have you other business
If you have other interests, provide details:
What level of investment can you make?
Please tick one.
 Up to €40,000
 €40 – 70,000
 Over €70,000
Why do you think that you would make a
good franchisee?
What locations are you considering?
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