Newsletter No 2 2015 - Muizenberg Junior School

February 2015
Dear Parents, as we move rapidly towards the end of the First
Term of 2015, I would like to take this opportunity to
CELEBRATE a few people and organisations. As you know, our
theme this year is CELEBRATE EACH OTHER.
This past week has again proven how communities rally together
in times of strife. Because of the fires that raged on the mountains behind our school, we were very much under threat.
However, thanks to the Trojan work of the Volunteer Wildfire
Services, the Fire Departments, SANPARKS, and many other
volunteer services, we only suffered due to the thick smoke after
the fires were put out. I am sure you will agree that these people
and organisations need to be celebrated.
I also wish to thank all parents and learners, who dug deep into
their pockets to raise much needed funds through our civvies
day. MJS Staff also made donations which were dropped off at
Hout Bay and Lakeside Fire Stations. In addition, there were
also people who made donations to the SPCA, who helped with
the placements of all animals affected by the fires.
I wish to thank and celebrate all the parents who rallied their
companies and work colleagues to get involved and donate much
needed goods and money. Please know that your generous spirit
is always appreciated.
At our assemblies, teachers have been giving learners tips and
tools as to how to celebrate each other. In order to celebrate
others, we need to have and practise certain values. One of
these values is RESPECT. Mr Engelbrecht shared ways of showing RESPECT with the pupils.
You are quiet in a Library to show that you respect others’ needs to read without interruption.
You follow your parents’ rules to show them you care
(respect) their feelings.
You don’t call people names because you care (respect)
about their feelings.
You don’t hit or hurt people, because you respect their
You dress, speak and act in a way that shows you care
about what you know is right and safe, because you respect yourself and your well-being.
You don’t break, graffiti or destroy other people’s things
or property because you respect what does not belong to
Please continue to practise these values and let us continue to
celebrate each other.
Warm regards
Mr B. Paulse
Issue 2 /2015
Our SGB Parent Election takes place on Wednesday, 18 March
2015 at 19:00 in the school hall. We need a quorum for this
meeting of parents in order for the election to take place.
Please make every effort to attend this very important election.
Every good school requires a fully functioning School Governing
Body in order to achieve the organisation’s objectives. The meeting will be combined with the Social Media Talk that was postponed due to loadshedding.
I wish to thank and celebrate our current
parents who are serving as School Governing Body members. Mr Pillay, Mrs Williams,
Mrs Marthinus, Mrs Abrahams and Mrs Gailis, we thank you for your wonderful service,
the many hours of sacrifice for the good of
Muizenberg Junior and your invaluable support to all our stakeholders, who contribute to our amazing
school. On behalf of our school community, our sincere thanks
and gratitude.
Our learners are currently completing test week and their continuous evaluation. Please be aware that all of these tests, projects,
tasks, orals, etc. are used to calculate the term and final marks.
Please ensure that your child is cultivating a good work ethic and
sound time management skills in order to prepare adequately for
school. As we know regular and deep seated practise creates
Mini Campaign: Practise Respect:
18 March:
18 March:
20 March:
21 March:
24 March:
25 March:
26 March:
26 March:
27 March:
30 March:
31 March:
1 April:
SGB Parent Elections at 19:00
Gr R—7 Parent Talk ( Social Media )
Aqua Fun—R300 draw
Human Rights Day
Gr 7A Outing—Kalk Bay Harbour
Gr 7O Outing—Kalk Bay Harbour
Gr 7Mc Outing—Kalk Bay Harbour
Gr 6M & Re Outing to Sandvlei Nature Reserve
Funtasia Fun Day
Parent-Teacher Interviews from 14:00
Parent-Teacher Interviews from 14:00
End of Term 1—School closes at 11:00
Bursars Office:
School Fees: Thank you to all parents who regularly pay
their fees and to all who have paid up for the year already.
As per the resolution passed at the Budget Meeting on 3
November 2014, school fees are compulsory. It is payable
on the first day of the School year or in10 equal monthly
The next debit orders will run on 1 April and 15 April.
Exemption Forms are available from the Finance Office.
Please read the Exemption of Fees Policy attached to the application. Should you collect a form, please return timeously
so that the Finance Committee can continue to plan with
accurate budgets for 2015.
Music Fees—Term 1
Please be reminded that Individual and Group Music Fees are
payable upfront and not at the end of the Term. All Term 1
music fees should have been settled for this term. Should
you wish to enrol for music for next term, please contact
Mrs Du Toit.
If you wish to make appointments to see Class Teachers,
please set up the appointments through the Homework Diary, e-mail or through the front office. If you e-mail, please
allow for at least a 48 hour response time. I’m sure you will
understand that when teachers are teaching, they have very
little time to read e-mails or send a rapid response.
Please do not just appear at the teacher’s door and expect
them to conduct interviews, especially when the bell has rung
and they are bringing children into the classroom from lines.
This is disruptive and upsets the routine of the class. I am
sure, as parents, we would acknowledge that our teachers
are responsible for ALL the learners in their care and not
just one learner.
Parent-Teacher Interviews will take place on Monday,
30 March and Tuesday, 31 March from 14:00 - 20:00. The
purpose of the meeting is to discuss how your child has progressed during the First Term. Please diarise and make every
effort to attend this very important meeting.
The notices will be sent home during the week of 16 March
Thank you to all families and friends who continue to swipe their
MYSCHOOL cards and have MJS as a beneficiary. If you need a new
card, or would like to know more please contact the office.
Remember, every swipe counts and adds to our fundraising
Parents are invited to contact the office should they have
any queries, constructive criticisms or any ideas to
improve MJS.
E-mail address: [email protected]
Thank you to all who donated to the Volunteer Wildfire
Services Fund. We raised R7540. Thank you for your
generous heart and spirit!
Admission application forms for Gr R & 1 2016 are available from the office, and can also be downloaded from
our school website. Please apply timeously to avoid disappointment.
Muizenberg Junior will be collecting
marshmallow Easter eggs for those less
fortunate in the community. Please send
donations by Monday, 30 March. Your
contributions will be sincerely appreciated.
The above-mentioned policy is the official policy that governs
learner absenteeism in schools. We just need to bring a few
points to your attention.
Parents’ Responsibilities for school attendance:
A parent is expected to a) ensure that a learner attends school daily, be on time and
attend school for the whole school day unless there is a valid
reason for absence;
b) ensure that the learner is not taken out of school without a
valid reason (family holidays is not a valid reason);
c) inform the Principal or class teacher, via the Homework
Book, if the learner is absent or expected to be absent or to
be late for school with valid reason;
d) encourage and, if possible, assist the learner to make up for
time lost for absence from school.
School’s Responsibility:
The school community, led by the Principal and SGB, is responsible for promoting and monitoring school attendance in
order to give learners the best chance of benefitting from
their school experience.
Please do not book family holidays during the school
term. The entire WCED Policy is available at
One of our big foci at MJS is to provide our
children with a 21st Century education, and this
entails embracing Technology. One of the many ways to keep
abreast of the happenings at MJS is to regularly visit the
school website to follow and
“like” our Facebook page and to ensure we have correct cell
numbers in order for you to receive constant communication. The vision is to move away from paper eventually and
to embrace technology wholeheartedly.
Muizenberg High will be having their Open Day on 19 March. Grade 7 Parents, please attend and get your applications
in timeously.
What an interesting, exciting Inter House Gala we had with all three houses alternating as the leader throughout the afternoon!
Congratulations to RHODES HOUSE for being the final winner! Diaz House won the Spirit Cup. Well done to Gr 7O for winning the Inter Class Relay with 7A and 7Mc in a tie for second place.
At the beginning of the year, Joshua Young, Gr 7Mc, participated in the Mirror World Yacht Race at Tierwaterskloof
Dam. He finished 42nd out of 100 participants. It not only gave Joshua a great and memorable experience to sail, but
he also got to make new friends from all over the world! At the Inter School Yacht Race at Sandvlei on 28 February1
March, Joshua’s mast unfortunately snapped and he was unable to finish his race and get a placing. Josh’s role model
is South Africa’s world famous solo sailor, Bertie Reed. We wish Josh all the best as he
sails to success in his yacht! MJS is proud of you, Josh!
Captain Shortbeard is back! He brought Sleepy John and two wicked little pirates to
help him and we have had 2 successful draws so far. The Third Draw, for children who
have collected R300, or more, will take place on 20 March. Please ensure that all
Funtasia cards are in by 20 March so that you can have a civvies day on that day. We
also need to order sufficient treats for our BIG FUNTASIA FUN DAY on Friday, 27
March, which is also a civvies day.
Mrs Miles took her Grade 5 class to the Iziko Museum on Friday, 6 March for a lesson on the San and the Khoikhoi
people. It was very interesting and the pupils learned a lot about the first people to live in the southern part of Africa
from the tour guide, Mr Baseer. Thank you to Sara’s mom and Kiran’s dad for joining us on the outing.
all have life storms, and when we get the rough times and we recover from them, we should celebrate that we
got through it. No matter how bad it may seem, there's always something beautiful that you can find.”
-Mattie Stepanek-
Ivile Mabentsela: The wildest moments at SOS camp were on the Night Hike when everybody went into the
Mountain Hut and Springbok threw stones on the zinc roof. We all screamed our lungs out!
Micaela Coetzee: Our canoeing instructor told us no splashing or tipping over of the canoes. Everyone was behaving themselves very well until Impala asked if we wanted to have more fun and suggested that we tip our
canoe over. So we did! We tried to jump into another canoe and it capsized too! The feeling of the slushy mud
between our toes and the leeches sticking to our legs made us scream!
Kacey Wellen: Thank you to Mr Paulse, aka Lion, for pushing me up the rock climbing surface and forcing me
to face my fears. I eventually climbed right to the top with the help of everyone’s encouragement.