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Social and Political Sciences
Recent years have seen an explosion of protest
movements around the world, and academic
theories are racing to catch up with them. This
series aims to further our understanding of the
origins, dealings, decisions, and outcomes of social
movements by fostering dialogue among many
traditions of thought, across European nations and
across continents.
All theoretical perspectives are welcome. Books in
the series typically combine theory with empirical
research, dealing with various types of mobilization,
from neighbourhood groups to revolutions. We
especially welcome work that synthesizes or
compares different approaches to social
movements, such as cultural and structural
traditions, micro- and macro-social, economic and
ideal, or qualitative and quantitative. Books in the
series will be published in English. One goal is to
encourage non-native speakers to introduce their
work to Anglophone audiences. Another is to
maximize accessibility: all books will be available in
open access within a year after printed publication.
Liberian women demonstrating for an end to Liberia’s civil war.
Photo by Betty Press, Monrovia, Liberia, 2006
Series Editors
Jan Willem Duyvendak, University of Amsterdam
James M. Jaspers, CUNY Graduate Center, New York
Further Information
For questions or to submit a proposal, contact: Vanessa de
Bueger, commissioning editor, via [email protected] or
visit our website:
Publishing your book at AUP
Published in this series:
Players and Arenas: The Interactive Dynamics of
Protest. James M. Jasper & Jan Willem
Duyvendak (Eds.). April 2015.
Ripples of Hope: How Ordinary People Resist
Repression Without Violence. Robert M.
Press June 2015.
Observing Protest from a Place: The World Social
Forum in Dakar (2011). Johanna Siméant,
Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle & Isabelle
Sommier (Eds.). June 2015.
Everywhere Taksim: Sowing the Seeds for a New
Turkey at Gezi. Isabel David & Kumru F.
Toktamis (Eds.). June 2015.
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