Student accommodation information

Student Accommodation 20142015
Before you start college..
Research where you are going to live
 Think about your options
 What are your priorities?
◦ Cost?
◦ Location?
◦ Living with friends?
What can you do now about applying?
Cheap is good but be careful you
don’t end up here!!
Is Campus a better option for you?
 Location
 Bills (electricity/gas) included
 Get to know more people
 Can be more expensive
 Harder to study when lots of people
together (can just go to library!)
Think about who you will live with
so you don’t end up with this!
Living with Friends
Living with friends is great as you know
them already but it is a good idea to be
clear on house rules/what you want
before you move in together! Think about
 House parties/late nights
 Cleaning/Housework
 Division of bills/finances
College Campus
You will need to apply early and well in
 Remember that you will not have any
choice in who you live with if you choose
 Campus can be more expensive initially
but you will save as it is 9 months versus
a 12 month lease and all bills are included.
NUI Maynooth
Applications are open from now and
accommodation is allocated on a first
come, first serve basis.
 A small no. of rooms are reserved for a
lottery, which you can apply for on the 1st
 Website to apply is:
Applications can be made from March 4
and rooms, which are allocated by
random selection will be offered in April.
 Unsuccessful applicants are included in a
lottery for cancellations.
 Website address to apply is :
NUI Galway
Bookings are accepted from midFebruary.
 Application forms, information and costs
are directly available from each of the
nine student residences.
 Further information can be found at this
They accept names for a priority waiting
list and accommodation is allocated on a
first come, first served basis after the
CAO offers in August.
 Many students get an offer of
 The relevant link to apply is:
It is important to apply for campus early,
check the closing dates as many are in the
next few weeks
 Most of them operate a lottery system
but some give HEAR/DARE or
scholarship candidates preference
 You will have to pay a deposit which you
may not receive all of it back( some
charge admin fee)
Private Rented Accommodation
For private rented accommodation (ie
sharing a house with friends) a good idea
is to check for rentals
 Some may not rent to students!
 Watch out for 9/12 month lease, think
about the summer also.
 Every college has an accommodation
office that will give out lists of student
Key Tips for renting
Always view a property before paying a deposit
Always bring a friend or parent with you when
meeting a landlord
Ensure you have a rental agreement
Always read and understand the Rental Agreement
before signing.
Always get a receipt for the deposit paid and rent in
Always make a list of furniture and appliances with
the landlord. Damage or loss of property is a regular
reason for losing a deposit.
If there are any outstanding repairs, ask the landlord
to state in writing that they will be repaired - take
photos if necessary.