PtBO What to expect on the day May 9th & 10th 2015

What to expect on the day
During your taster session it’s likely you’ll sail a boat with an experienced sailor nearby. You get in the boat and they show you
the ropes and tell you what you need to get going. They make everything easy to understand and get you ready to have a go.
You may want to have a go at kayaking or rowing too. There will be bigger boats on the pontoon to take you out for a short sail
in the harbour without getting wet! The Clubhouse is open from 12.30 – come and have a look around and meet the members.
What will I need to wear?
If you are having a taster session, all the equipment you need will be provided including a buoyancy aid. It’s best to turn up with
some warm clothes, a pair of old shoes and a waterproof coat as it’s nearly always cooler out on the water than on the shore.
You will need to ’wade out’ to get into a dinghy or a kayak and a wetsuit will keep you warm if you have one.
Will I get wet?
If the wind is light or you’re in a more stable steady boat then you’ll only get a few splashes! However if you’re in a boat that’s
closer to the water you’ll probably get quite wet, make sure you have a change of dry clothes.
To sign on for a ‘taster session’ contact:
Sue Sayle - 01329 232318
[email protected]