My Claim relates to (Tick √ applicable box)

This form is to be used only for claims relating to delayed or
cancelled flights or in the case of misconnections.
Please read the Bill of Rights which explains our obligations before
you make a claim
My Claim relates to (Tick √ applicable box)
Cancelled Flight
Delayed Flight
Denied Boarding
Schedule Change
This form must be completed and submitted to Proflight via e-mail
or in person to any Proflight office in Zambia with 21 days of the
flight date.
Please keep a copy of the completed form for your own records.
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Use the space below to provide us with details of your claim and an itemised list of expenses that you wish to Claim. You will also need to
attach official receipts and any other documents that support your claim.
Declaration by Passenger: I declare that the information provided below is correct and I acknowledge that Proflight’s liability is limited
according to the Bill of Rights and Terms and Conditions of Carriage/Conditions of Carriage.
What to do next
Option 1: Complete the form, keep a copy and then place the original in an envelope together with receipts and other documentation to
support your claim. Return the form to a Proflight Zambia office within 21 days.
Option 2: Print, complete and scan the form and then e-mail it as an attachment (with scanned copies of receipts, etc) to
[email protected]