NOR - Royal Madras Yacht Club

At the Aqua Node Mandappam – Near Rameshwaram.
Preliminary Notice of Race - Organizing Authority - Royal Madras Yacht Club.
May 21 – 24 , 2015.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 RULES
The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.
The class rules of all the classes participating in the regatta will apply.
2. ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY: The regatta is open to INDIAN NATIONALS and will be sailed in any sail boat listed in
the Ports Mouth yard stick. Please warn in with your entry fees in advance. You may make an online transfer (bank
details on and obtain a receipt (as your confirmation) for your payment by sending the details of your
payment to the Club at [email protected].
3. 3.1 Eligibility: The event is open to all Sailors of The Services, Corporates and Guests of the sailing fraternity in
3.2 Entry Fees: Non refundable entry fee of Rs 1,000/- per student and Rs. 1,500/- for all other sailor is to be paid
by cash/Cheque/DD to Royal Madras Yacht Club by 15/04/2015. Late entry fee may be accepted by the organizers till
20/05/2015 and shall be Rs. 2,500/- per individual sailor. This fee includes the cost of tea, snacks and lunch
during the races.
4 SCHEDULE of Races starting Thursday 21-05-2105 may be as hereunder or as specified in the Sailing
Instruction / briefing:
15:00 Hrs
Practice Race
This will be held if there
are 6 boats or above
In the vicinity of the Aqua
09:00 Hrs
Press Conference.
Briefing followed by
Sailing Races No: 1
followed by 2 and 3.
Kayak Race No: 1
Tea, snacks and lunch
will be provided.
At the Aqua Node - Coast
Guard Station in
11:00 hrs
Race starts
11:00 hrs.
Sailing Race No: 4,5,6
Kayak Race No: 2
Tea, snacks and lunch
will be provided
At the Aqua Node - Coast
Guard Station in
Race start at
11:00 hrs.
Sailing Race No:
Kayak Race No: 3
Tea, snacks and lunch
will be provided.
At the Aqua Node - Coast
Guard Station in
10:00 hrs.
Lay Day and may be
used to run races
postponed earlier. An
Off Shore Race – is
considered to be sailed
with the Coast Guard
After Noon:
Snorkeling or
Trip to Dhanashkodi
and the Rameshwaram
Lunch at the Beach.
Prize distribution followed
by Dinner.
DRESS: Smart Casuals
Pursuit numbers as listed in the RYA site for different duration of races are as follows. Races may
be run as 60, 45 or 30 minute races depending on the conditions:
Kayaking and Standup paddle boarding is an activity of the AQUANODE and races for all sailors, parents,
participants, supporters, visitors and everyone may be organized in the first half of the day.
5 THE COURSES The races will be held in the Palk Straits in the vicinity of the Coast Guard Station Mandappam.
The course will be triangle, loop and finish upwind or as stated in the sailing instruction.
The Low Point scoring system will apply, modified so that each boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores,
with her worst score discarded if 5 or more races have been completed. Ten races are scheduled, of which 4 races
shall be completed to constitute a series.
a."The Coast Guard Aqua Node Rolling Cup – Mandappam” Will be awarded to the overall winner
of the fleet. The Runner Up and Third Place will be suitably rewarded.
b. Winner Trophy will be awarded to the winner in a class of boats in which there are more than 3 entries. If the class
exceeds 6 entries – Winner and Runner Up will be awarded. If the class exceeds 12 entries, Winner, Runner up and
Third Place will be awarded separately for each class.
c. Days Prizes: Each day, at the end of racing, a small ceremony to announce the day’s overall winners will be
conducted at the boat park.
8. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. The organizing
authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or
prior to or during or after the regatta.
9 Protest: A suitable committee will be formed to handle protest. Competitor’s decision to protest must be intimated
to the race office at the end of the race and must be lodged with the beach master at the Aqua Node within 60
minutes of completion of the last race of the day.
10 Boats and Equipment: Participants are required and encouraged to bring their own boats, sail Boards, kites. The
RMYC may be able to organize the transport of the following equipment from Chennai to Mandappam at a
Subsidized rate as follows:
Boat Size <
Subsidy for :
Subsidized transport.
Payment terms
At 10 feet (Optimist)
First 10 boats
Rs. 500/Full on or before 30 April
14 feet (NT/29er/420)
First 3 boats
Rs. 2,000/--------do -------16 feet (Omega)
First 2 boats
Rs. 3,000/--------do -------21 feet (Sea Birds)
First 2 boats
Rs. 13,000/--------do -------11. Contact information:
Organizing Secretary
Asst. Org. Sec.
Commodore RMYC
Public Relations Officer
Captain of fleet
Rescue Officer
: Commandant Harish More (M) 88077 72151
: Mr. Jehan Driver 98203 67412
Mr. Johnny (M) 72001 00407
: Mr. Chitambaram (M) 98400 21250
: Capt. Vivek Shanbhag. (M) 98410 30880
: Mr. Deep Rekhi (M) 98407 10027
: Mr. Navaz C. (M) 98410 42470 [email protected]
: [email protected] or
Mr. Chinna Reddy (M) 97910 40668 [email protected]
12) Accommodation: Mandappam / Rameshwaram has a host of low, medium and high end hotels and
places to stay at. Tents may be available for rent for those who book early. For more information,
please contact Mr. Johnny – phone number listed above.
13). Those interested in sending their hulls must submit a letter as hereunder on or before 05/05/2015
along with the above fees:
 I, Ms. Or Mr. …………………………………………… are the owner of ____________ Class of Boat.
Bearing hull No: ____________
 Through letter, this request that my hull be transported by the organizers at a subsidized cost as
indicated in point 10 of this mail. The cheque no: __________________ dated: _______________ for
Rs. ____________________ is being paid as non-refundable fees.
 I agree to:
 Have the hull ready for loading at the RMYC on or before 15/05/2015.
 I will personally supervise the loading of the same on the truck to avoid damage in transit.
 I indemnify the Club/organizers of the risk in the transport/handling/loading/unloading of the same,
 At my cost, I will arrange Insurance for the purpose of transport and use during the regatta,
 I will carry all the spars and sails that will be required
 I will participate in the regatta and if required include a local crew with the intention of broad basing the
Mr. _____________________. Address: _________________________________________
_________________________, _______________________ PIN: _____________________
(M) ___________ Email: ____________________________Signature:
Please fill in the entry form and return to the Club.
The Aqua Node Regatta - Mandappam.
Entry form for boat of ________________ Class. My Club:_______________. Dt: ___________
DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at
their own risk. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material
damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to or
during, or after the regatta. In the event of boats being chartered, the cost of
charter (and damage if any) will be paid by the helm and crew of the boat.
Signature of the participant as confirmation of the above:
Receipt No:
For Enrty
Receipt No:
For Damage
Entry Form to be filled by helm and crew of EACH boat. A separate request (with full name and DOB) is to be made
by email for those requiring assistance with Accommodation etc. Email your entry to [email protected]
copy to [email protected]. You can request assistance with Coach Chinna Reddy 97910 40668 if you please.