PDF Biography - Facilitator, Coach, Speaker, Writer

Sarah is a business psychologist working internationally with
financial services, large corporate and non-profit clients.
With over 10 years’ experience of consulting on competence
development and performance coaching, Sarah established
herself as an independent consultant in 2015.
Prior to this, she was Senior Director at Moody’s Analytics where
she led the soft skills training practice. She co-chaired Moody’s UK
women’s network and played an active part in promoting gender
diversity within the company.
Sarah began her career with ENB Consulting Ltd where she
designed and delivered facilitator led courses and developed
subject matter expertise in leadership, sales and communication
Sarah holds an MSc Occupational Psychology and a BSc (Hons) Psychology. She is accredited to
use a number of psychometric personality tests and holds the British Psychological Society Qualified
Test User Occupational Ability and Personality certificates. Sarah is a member of the British
Psychological Society.
Sarah has delivered training and coaching to over 8500 participants. She is known for her energy,
credibility and confidence with participants ranging from senior executives to graduates. Sarah
invests time and attention to understanding the organisational context and the participants’ work-life
prior to any facilitated event. Topics include:
Leadership and management
Change leadership
Client relationship management
Coaching skills
Conflict management
Culture shift
Handling difficult client conversations
Influencing Skills
Personal effectiveness
Presentation skills
Train the trainer
Sarah is regularly invited as a guest speaker and moderator for conferences, large-scale offsites and
kick-off events.
Sarah’s coaching approach is informed by organisational, sports and coaching psychology. Prior to
any coaching engagement a complimentary chemistry and commitment meeting is held. Sarah has
coached individuals ranging from middle managers to C-level. She has helped clients in areas such
Leadership transition
Mindset shift
Increasing self-awareness
Clarity of communication
Increasing the range of leadership styles
Setting clear vision
Programme Director
Sarah has directed a number of large scale training programmes including:
Leadership Development: multi-module, multi-day residential programme for 200 managers
from first-line up to ExCo. Focused on people-management, development of personal
leadership style, giving feedback, coaching, performance management, delegating.
Incorporated energy management and mindfulness techniques. Designed and developed in
partnership with the client during a period of intense change for the organisation.
Client Relationship Management skills development for corporate bankers: multi-module, multiday residential programme for the most senior client facing bankers and selected specialists.
Designed in the aftermath of the financial crisis to develop the mindset, technical knowledge and
behavioural skills necessary to succeed in the ‘new normal’ world where client’s trust in, and
expectations of, bankers had dramatically changed. Content included: market and regulatory
update, implications for banks and their clients, communicating messages consistently and
effectively, handling difficult conversations with clients, and a final case study role play of a
complex transaction.
Talent Program: for VP level specialists from finance, treasury, front office, project management,
legal, risk management, audit. The design and content evolved each year, yet consistently
included: personality profiling, 360 behavioural feedback, peer-coaching, buddying,
teambuilding and skills development. A development centre format was used with participants
receiving verbal and written feedback from a team of coaches.
Graduate Training: soft skills modules as part of an interdisciplinary programme for wholesale
and investment bank. Designed, developed and delivered training relating to presenting to credit
committee, pitching skills, teamwork and negotiation skills. The program required intensive work
with the client to tailor the content and case studies and to ensure that the content would mesh
well with the other elements of the programme.
Internal Auditing: design and roll-out of a new curriculum of training for a global internal
auditor function of 450 people. Managed a multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, auditors
and investigation experts. Content tailored extensively to the client’s internal audit methodology
and realistic scenarios.