Friday AND Sunday, 6–10pm
#15SM79 July 10 AND July 12
An eight-hour course that meets the state
requirements for boating and personal watercraft
safety. In order to operate a motor boat or
personal watercraft, persons born after July 1,
1972, are required by Maryland law to
successfully complete this certification course.
Class includes a review of chart reading, course
plotting, and marlinspike (knot tying). Youth age
13 and under must be accompanied by a paying
adult. Instructor: Loren Lustig
All Ages / 2 sessions / BBNC
$22, No early bird or senior discount
Saturday, June 6, 12–4pm
This is a 4-hour non certified seminar which covers the history, make-up, types, and
use of OC sprays (oleoresin capsicum). Each student will have the opportunity to
demonstrate the proper use and deployment of OC spray by the end of the class.
Instructor: Robert Toms
Adult / 1 session / PRP, Yurt
$55, No senior discount
Saturday, July 25, 12–4pm
A 4-hour NRA certificate crime prevention seminar, which provides practical
information geared toward awareness and avoidance of criminal attack. Certified
instructors help participants better understand criminal thinking and provide tips on
maximizing home, automobile, telephone, technological, and personal security. Some
of the areas covered are Home Security, Parents and Children, Personal Security,
Personal Protection Devices, Automobile Security, Workplace Safety, Technological
Security, Travel Security and Senior Citizens, and Persons with Physical Disabilities.
This course is designed for a family of up to three to attend for the course fee (please
indicate full names and dates of birth upon registration). Instructor: Robert Toms
Adult / 1 session / PRP, Yurt
$55, No senior discount
June-December 2015 membership, 6:30-8pm (times will
vary by activity)
This is our 5th year, come join the fun!
Recognizing that we are all “works in progress” and that women in particular
tend to make sure other things or other people progress before themselves,
we have created a fun group to provide time for friendship, support, activity,
and new experiences while encouraging the growth of each individual into a
better, more enhanced woman. A variety of activities and topics are offered.
Come alone or grab a girlfriend and take time to enjoy, and even share your
ideas for future meetings and happenings. Additional trips/speakers/events
will be scheduled on varying days/times/locations (an additional fee might
apply depending upon the activity scheduled). Join anytime during the year!
Coordinator: Tina Shupp
June 10 Mini-Golf and June 20 Flea Market trip
July 11 Cookout & Yard games
Aug 15 Cunningham Falls picnic/hike/swim and
Sept preview-kayaking, pickleball, tennis
Adults 21+ / 12+ sessions /
Meets at RMC or various other locations t/b/a
$5 membership fee (*other fees apply)
No early bird or senior discount
#15SM82 Thursday, June 25, 6–8pm
Want to beat the battle of dry skin due to the summer heat? Start your
summer off with fun making your own all natural body scrub, lip scrub, and
body butter. We’ll explore the benefits of the natural ingredients and
scenting these to your own personal liking. A great program to do with
your friends, of course! You’ll take home all the products we create with
directions to make it again on your own when you run out! Instructor:
Vicki Sweet
12–Adult / 1 session / RMC
$10 (+$18 material fee due to instructor)
No early bird or senior discount
#15SM83 Sunday, July 26, 9am–3pm
Spend a few hours learning a traditional skill and go home with the end
result to use for yourself or give as a gift. Students will make a berry
basket with a handle (6” wide x 7” tall). This is an easy to weave beginner
basket using a simple basket weave. Materials to bring: an old towel and/
or apron that can get wet, pruning shears, and a bag lunch. A fun skilled
activity you could even enjoy with your teen! Instructor: Jen Storey
14–Adult / 1 session / RMC
$40, No early bird or senior discount