A step-by-step guide on how to make your online - Harper

A step-by-step guide on how to make
your online accommodation
(with screen shots)
Accommodation Office
Harper Adams University
• Before you can make your online
accommodation application, you
will need to create an account.
• Please click on ‘Create Account’
button on the left.
You will need to enter the following
• Student application number – 6
digit number sent by Admissions in
your confirmation letter. This is not
your ucas number. If you can’t find
it, please contact the Admissions
• Date of Birth – in the format
• Your surname.
• Click ‘Next’.
• On this screen it will indicate the
email address we have for you on
our records. Do not change it. If
you wish to change it, please do it
after you have submitted your
accommodation application.
• Please enter a password of your
choosing and don’t forget to make
a note as you will need it to make
your application and later on to
accept your offer.
• Click ‘Next’.
• This screen confirms that an
email has been sent to that
same email address, in order to
validate your newly created
account and proceed with your
• Close this screen and log on to
your email account.
• You should receive a similar email
in your inbox. Check all inboxes,
including junk and spam.
• Click on the link to open new page.
• If hyperlink is not displayed, please
copy and paste link into a new
window (highlighted).
• If you have not received this email
within 24h contact
[email protected]
• When the confirmation page
opens, it should already include
the confirmation code.
• If the code is not displaying,
please copy the last 6 digit/letter
combination from the link in the
email into the box.
• Please click on ‘Confirm Code’.
• Click on ‘Continue’ to be taken
to the main page where you will
be able to log in.
• Please log in by entering the
requested information in the
‘Manage Application’ box.
• Username – the email address we
have on our records and which was
used to create the account.
• Password – the password you
chose when you created your
• Click on ‘Log In’.
• In your 2015-16 section, click
‘here’ in the ‘Your Application’ to
make your accommodation
• Please don’t change your email
address at this stage. However,
after you have made your
application, if you need to
change your email address you
can log on to this screen to
change it.
• Check that we have the right
details for you. If something isn’t
correct please let us know by
[email protected] .
• Select the type of student which
best describes your future
student status at Harper Adams
• If you do not require accommodation on-campus, please
tick the appropriate box and contact Student Services
should you require further assistance.
• If you are looking to apply for accommodation on campus,
you will need to place all the different types of
accommodation in order of preference. Think carefully
about what you can afford and what is a priority. You will
not be able to change your application afterwards.
• Please indicate if you would like to live in a quieter area.
• Please indicate if you have any medical condition or specific
requirements that should be taken into consideration as
part of your application, and give us the information which
can help us make a suitable allocation. Supporting evidence
will be requested.
• If you are looking to share a room with another student
who you know is also coming, you can give us their name.
• Please review all the summary
details of your application before
submitting, as you will not be able
to change it afterwards.
• Please tick to confirm that all
details submitted are correct and
that you are ready to submit your
• Click on ‘Submit’.
• A copy of these details will be
emailed to you once your
application has been successfully
• This screen confirms that your
application has been submitted
and that we will contact you
within 4 weeks to confirm when
your accommodation offer will
be released.
• If you click on ‘My Details’, you
will be taken back to the
application dashboard.
• You can review the accommodation
application you have submitted here
at anytime during the summer.
• Once an accommodation offer has
been made, you will receive an email
and you will be able to confirm your
acceptance here.
• After you have made your application,
if you need to change your email
address you can log on to this screen
to change it and click on ‘update my
email address’.
• Click on ‘Log out’ to end the
application session.
• This screen confirms that you
have now logged out.
On launch day…
If there are any important updates regarding the accommodation
application system, we will let you know ASAP on Twitter, Facebook and
via email.
Harper Adams Freshers 2015/16
If you still have a query….
On the launch of the online accommodation application system,
Wednesday 27th May, we will be exceptionally busy in the office and not
all telephone calls may get through.
To ensure we deal with any urgent queries as soon as possible, please
email any issues to [email protected] rather
than call the office. The inbox will be monitored throughout and you are
likely to receive a quicker response.
When emailing with a query, always include your student application
number (6 digits) and a telephone number we can contact you on.