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Usage Based Insurance (UBI) Verbal Terms & Conditions
Please see the following disclosure that should be read by the agent to the potential insured before
Registration Process - To receive the participation discount, a valid email address is required, and you
will need to enroll for the SMARTtrek program through two websites. You will receive a Registration
email within 3 business days after purchasing your insurance policy. You must open the email and then
complete the registration process for both AAA.com and SMARTtrek websites by following the prompts
in the email. It is encouraged that you quickly complete these processes for the best customer
experience. If you do not complete the registration process within 3 weeks of your policy effective date,
your discount will be removed and this will impact your policy pricing and billing. Please do not hesitate
to call SMARTtrek Customer Care at 800-814-4684 if you have any questions during this process.
Terms & Conditions - When you enroll with SMARTtrek, you will be asked to agree to terms and
conditions relating to the SMARTtrek device and the insurance discount. As part of receiving this
discount, the AAA insurer will receive and use data about how, when and where you drive your car.
There’s no charge for the SMARTtrek program and device for your first policy term.
Device Plug In - The SMARTtrek device will be delivered in 5-7 days after completing registration. It is
important that you plug-in the device immediately upon receiving it, drive 120 miles over the next
month to calibrate the device and enable on-going scoring and keep it installed as part of receiving the
discount. If the device is not plugged in within a month of your policy effective date, the 10%
participation discount will be removed and this will impact your policy pricing and billing.
Safe Driving Discount - Before the end of Your Policy Term, you will be presented with a renewal offer.
If you qualify, this renewal offer will feature a Safe Driving discount between 0-30% calculated using the
actual driving behavior associated with Your Vehicle(s).
Device Return - At the end of your first policy term you will be given the option to purchase SMARTtrek
services or return your device. If you decide to return your device a postage paid envelope will be send
to you to return the device. If you do not to return your device you may be charged $100 for an
unreturned device.