How to Book a Tee Time On-Line f or Members.

How to Book a Tee Time On-Line for Members.
The Lilley Brook Tee Time Booking is handled by BRS.
We are currently opening tee time booking for Competitions ONLY.
There are 2 ways in which you can make an online tee time booking – at Home or at the Club. The login
procedure is slightly different, but once you are logged in the process is exactly the same.
Booking At Home
1. What you need
a. You will need a computer with internet access
b. You will need to have registered your email address with the Club Website. If you have already
registered your email address and you can access the members side of the
website, you do not have to do anything more. Go to Step “H” below.
d. If you have not yet registered your email address then you will need to go to the “Members
Login” page on the club Website
e. You will then be faced with the following screen.
Click on
“Click Here to Register”
This will then take you through the registration process.
g. When the office has verified your details and membership category, they will activate your Login
and you will receive an email to confirm that your account is now active.
h. Using your registered email address and password, login into the “members side” of the Lilley
Brook Website, where you will see the following screen
Click On
Click on “Tee Booking”. This will then automatically take you through to the “Online Tee Booking
System, which looks like this
This is a summary of all
your booked tee times.
A Pink background signifies
that the tee time is closed
A Green background signifies
that the tee time is open
2. Booking At Club - Tait Room
a. Using the Tate room computer, select the BRS icon on the Desktop. This will then display a screen
which requires you to swipe your Lilley Brook Card to login. The system will automatically take
you to the “Members Booking” page above.
3. Booking Procedure
a. Select the competition you wish to enter by clicking on the appropriate box (see Picture in “I”
At the top of the
page the
booking rules
are displayed
If the time sheet is full
you can place your name
on the waiting list.
b. The timesheet for your competition is displayed with the Booking Rules at the top of the page.
You will need to scroll down the page to see the times available for booking.
If the time sheet is full you can place your name on the “Waiting List”. You have the ability to
specify your preferred time or time period - this will then be saved and if the time becomes free
you will automatically have your name entered and you will be emailed a confirmation.
d. When you scroll down the timesheet you will come to times that you can book. If there are any
messages regarding the competition, then these will be displayed in Orange at the start of the
Message regarding
Click on “Book
e. Once you find the time you wish to play at, move across the page and click on “Book Now”. This
will open a form for you to fill in. If you are allowed to book for more than 1 person then the
system will automatically give you this option. NOTE: You do not have to book in other players if
you do not wish to.
Click on the “dropdown” arrow to
display your name
If an “x” is displayed this time is not bookable.
By clicking on the “dropdown” arrow against player 1 you will automatically have your name
entered. You can then click on the drop down box in player 2 a “buddy list” of those who your
normally play with will appear at the top of the list.
g. A name list will be displayed. You should then type the first 3-4 letters of the persons surname,
the list will then be displayed with matching criteria. Select the person’s name you wish to add.
h. Finally click on “Confirm”
If you have an email address then you will be sent an email giving you the details of the booking.
If you have booked a time for someone else then they will also get an email.
If you or your partner does not have an email address the booking will still be made but you will
receive a warning message on the screen to advise you that no email was sent.
4. Editing Procedure
a. Once you have booked a time you can edit/delete it up to the time that has been set by the
competition secretary.
b. To edit your time your need to go back to your time sheet to the time you had selected. You will
find your name and down the right hand side you will see an “edit” button.
Click on the edit button, you will then be able to edit/cancel your booking. You can add a person
to play with you or remove them, as long as you were the person who originally who made the
booking. If the person who you booked in wishes to edit a booking they will only be able to
remove their name and no one else’s.
d. Whenever an alteration is made all persons on the booking will be emailed to advise them of the
e. A full Audit is kept of all bookings and alterations.
Enjoy your Golf.