How to Book Online TOP RIGHT

How to Book Online
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on the SCHEDULE A WORKOUT tab
‘Schedule a Workout’
Step 3: Login
Enter your username and password in the TOP RIGHT hand area of the page.
Your username will be the email address given to reception at the time of your booking, please see your temporary
password below;
Password: pilates1
Step 4: Change your Password
Change your password to something that ONLY you know, to secure all of your personal details. Please also check
and update all of your contact information, you can do all of this simply by clicking on ‘My Info’ then ‘Edit Your
My Info
Edit Your
Step 5: Booking a Signature Workout
1. Click on Signature Studio (this will ensure you are booking into the correct type of class)
2. Select the date of your booking but using the calendar in the top left area of the screen
3. Find the best time for your booking
4. Hit ‘Sign Up Now’ to register for the class
Click on ‘Signature Studio’
Select the date
Find the best
time for you on
the listed time
‘Sign Up Now!’
Step 6: Check your schedule
Once you book a class, it will automatically take you to this screen to check your bookings. If you need to cancel
or reschedule an appointment, you can get to this page by clicking on ‘My Info’ in the top right area of your
page, and then ‘My Schedule’ which will appear below once you’ve clicked on My Info.
Click cancel to take yourself out of a specific booking.
‘My Info’
‘My Schedule’
For further assistance, please call Kimberley at the Studio on (07) 3899 4555.