SHOW ME MY MONEY! How to Ensure Your Finances, Insurance and

How to Ensure Your Finances, Insurance and
Retirement Assets are in Perfect Order
Melissa Moskal
Partner, Marina Pointe LLP
is a partner in Marina Pointe LLP, a firm that she co-founded in 2012
is an attorney and a CPA who specializes in providing tax compliance and planning services to high
net worth individuals and their related entities, as well as advisory services in the business
management and life transition area
has over 20 years of experience in the industry, previously working for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
and Deloitte
Greg Heller
Founder & CEO, Heller Capitol Resources
founded Heller Capital Resources in 1988 and grew the Company into a multi-faceted, SEC
Registered Investment Advisory firm whose client investment portfolios total over half a billion
has an impressive client roster including many high net worth individuals, private corporations and
non-profit organizations
is individually associated as a securities Registered Representative with Investment Security Corp.
has a securities principal license with the FINRA Corporation and is a designated Certified Financial
Planner (CFP)
Pamela Ivy Whyte, CTLC.
Founder, The Ivy Group
formed The Ivy Group 15 years ago, specializing in Long Term Care Planning
also helps with Medicare Supplement Insurance, and planning for individuals turning 65
focuses on the education of individuals, families, and Corporations, and helps them understand the
consequences of not having a plan in place
is affiliated with Genworth, John Hancock, Trans America and many other companies that are
leaders in the Long Term Care field
is also authorized to offer all of the New Hybrid Long Term Care Protection Products
is licensed and Certified by the Department of Insurance, The California Partnership for Long Term
Care, and has a professional degree in Long Term Care, (CLTC), which is Independent of the
Insurance Industry
DeAnne Steele
Managing Director, West Investment Executive
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management
is responsible for leading the Western Division’s investment and wealth strategy professionals in
their delivery and execution of U.S. Trust® investment capabilities and solutions
serves on the Investment Strategy Committee responsible for promoting the firm’s investment
policies and the Fiduciary Investment Committee responsible for governance and oversight of U.S.
Trust’s investment process
previously to joining U.S. Trust, co-managed a mutual fund and appeared on Bloomberg and Reuters
received the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst