How to Connect & Distribute to with Allotz Autopilot 

How to Connect & Distribute to with Allotz Autopilot
Please follow the simple steps listed below.
Start Here:
If you are not a client of go to Step 1:
If you distribute directly through go to Step 3:
Step 1 - Create your account
If you are not currently a client of you will need to join here: Welcome
If you need assistance with joining, you will find their contact details here: Contact Us
Step 2 - Complete profile
When your property is accepted by they will provide you with the login details to their Admin area.
You must then login to the Admin to complete your property details and inventory.
Step 3 - Join channel in Allotz Autopilot
Please ensure your existing property name, currency, inventory names and maximum guests in the
Admin area are the same as in Allotz Autopilot's Admin area.
In the Allotz Autopilot Admin area, click
, then click the "Join" link in the row to join.
Please reach your Market Manager by telephone or Email to approve your property xml support
through Allotz Autopilot.
Step 4 - Get your Codes
In the Admin area, obtain your:
" Admin area Username and Password" - "Hotel Code" - "Room Codes" - "Rate Plan Codes" (these
are your " Codes").
*If you are unsure how to get these codes from Admin area, please contact support for
Step 5 - Mapping Process
1. Log in to Allotz Autopilot Admin and select
2. From the row, select the
from the menu;
icon in the Mapping column;
Version 12
3. Follow the Steps and enter your Codes and complete the mapping process.
Step 6 - Channel Activation, Rates & Allocations Set-Up will complete the manual activation when mapping is done for the first time.
Once the Mapping Process is completed, go ahead and set up Rates and Allocations in Allotz Autopilot Admin.
The Rates and Allocations will need to mirror the data in system.
You will then be able to "set and forget" your property inventory in the distribution channel through
Allotz Autopilot's "Dynamic Time Expiring Asset, Inventory and Revenue Management System".
You will have peace of mind knowing that all day everyday your inventory is being promoted to the right
customers, at the right price at the right time and in the right place.
Other matters you need to be aware of:
Other matters you need to know to distribute your inventory efficiently and effectively through are 1. All of your property and inventory information (description, images) is managed by you through the Admin. does not update your property or room type content on your behalf as it
does to all its other unrestricted two way direct connected channels.
2. Once all of your property extranet "Username and Password" - "Hotel Code" - "Room Codes"
- "Rate Plan Codes" (these are your " Codes"). are exist in the Limited system
and approved your property xml support through then your property will be
approved in the system and you will be able to start distributing rates and allocations to through their Extranet area.
3. When you have change of the extranet "Username and Password" or create a new Property,
Room Type or Rate Plan in Allotz Autopilot Admin or Admin, please ensure that the
information is the same in both Admin areas are set to be the same. You will then need to take the steps
outlined in Step 5.
4. We recommended that you regularly check and compare bookings and allocations in both the and Allotz Autopilot Admin areas.
5. Your confirmed room bookings (& details) will be emailed to you via Allotz Autopilot. is not liable for any incorrect booking data from
6. Only the guest's name will be included in the booking information retrieved from the Admin.
You must obtain the e-mail address yourself (usually on registration at check-in) for guests booking via
Version 12