What is iMeeting

What is iMeeting
iMeeting is designed to work seamlessly with Outlook, making
meeting room booking much easier never than before. iMeeting is a
real time meeting room booking solution that increase the
productivity use of your meeting room resources and prevents both
double booking and forgotten cancellations. With iMeeting, you can
now integrate with your existing Outlook calendar for meeting room
booking purposes, customers use Outlook global address list to send
meeting request to invite parties
to join the meeting. The meeting
schedule can be broadcasted to
LCD display at real time. If a
meeting is rescheduled or
schedule will be automatically
updated in the LCD display as
With iMeeting you can centrally manage
your meeting room booking and keep everyone in the
office informed of the booking status. Management can see the
meeting room booking utilization report for review purposes.
Check Meeting Room Availability At Your Company Intranet
iMeeting can integrate with your company intranet and allow your
staffs to check the meeting room availability before they send an
meeting request to invite parties to join the meeting, you can add the
iMeeting icon on your company intranet page so that internal staffs
can send their meeting request
through the intranet page.
Add Corporate Information to
Your Meeting Schedule
Customer can also add
corporate video, photos, ticker
message, RSS feed such as
information to the display
panel to keep everyone in the
office well informed of the
related information.
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System Network Diagram
iMeeting shows all meeting details
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