courage Directions:

What is courage? (Quick Write)
What does courage look like? (Quick Draw)
Directions: On a sheet of paper or poster board draw a picture of courage in action. Title
your picture (Quick Draw) and write a (Quick Write) for 3–5 minutes, write as quickly as you
can about any experience your picture brings to mind about courage. Begin your Quick
Write and be sure that your thoughts are on the topic of courage it may about be an event,
personal experience, or a person…Then, take 10-15 mins. to share your Quick Write with
the class, rotate in groups or partners.
Courage to be Me
Quick Write/Quick
***Write and draw
everything that you
can remember about
your experiences.
Courage to be me means . . .
 Doing what is right all the time even if it’s
not popular to others.
 Standing up for myself and others
 When I do what isn’t expected, because I
want to try something new.
 Having courage to be me all the time
 Courage is unique to each individual person
 Finding your weakness and overcoming it
 Some people with courage are soldiers,
police, fire fighters, EMS, you and me (all of
us have courage inside)
Week 10
9th grade
Remember to:
1. draw a picture
2. have a title for
your picture
3. write down
ideas that come
to your mind on
the topic of