From Fr. Beatty,

From Fr. Beatty,
I suggest driving by the construction site if you get a chance. I think you'll find it worth your while.
Alternatively, you can always get a visual from the most recent half-hour at
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Many of the bishops of the global Church have been meeting in Rome this week in a General Synod,
which is basically a formal meeting of bishops that doesn't rise to the level of a Council. The theme
is "pastoral challenges to the family in the context of evangelization." So many of the problems
facing the faithful around the world fall under this theme! It is also a difficult theme to discuss. On
the one hand, the Church must be absolutely and always supportive of families in all their shapes
and sizes and configurations and complications. On the other hand, we do no one a favor by
pretending that there isn't a God-given ideal. It can be tough to find things to say that don't seem to
compromise one of those two un-compromisables!
Oct 11, Saturday: AED Training at St. Patrick after Mass
I like the phrase "in the context of evangelization" because it puts a positive tone behind the theme.
There's a lot of defensive talk about "protecting the family" and the like, and there's certainly a place
for that, but the Church really doesn't belong in a strictly defensive posture. Our goal is not to
survive or to hold our own or to cling to what is, but to evangelize and win disciples and convert
hearts. Please join me in praying for wisdom for our bishops as they lead us in following Christ, and
for God's constant help to families of every kind as they face mounting challenges around the world.
Oct 12, Sunday: AED Training at St. Mary after Mass
Oct 15, Wednesday: 4th Degree Knights of Columbus meeting, 7:30pm
Oct 18, Saturday: Gallatin County Jr. High Student Council is sponsoring the “5th Annual St.
Jude 3-Mile Walk” in honor of Brittany Richardson. Registration starts at 8:30AM and the walk
begins at 9:00AM. It will be held at the Gallatin County School. The cost is a $5 entry fee per
participant. Kids age 3 and under are free! 5th Annual St. Jude T-shirt will be available for sale for
$15 each. Join in on the fun with this year’s cake walk during registration. Proceeds will be divided
between St. Jude and the Family of Brittany Richardson. There will be prizes, snacks, BBQ
sandwiches, and drinks. Please contact Amanda Drone at the Gallatin County Jr. high School for any
additional information.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oct 19, Sunday: Ridgway Knights of Columbus will have a chicken dinner from 10:30 AM to 1
PM at St. Joseph Gym in Ridgway. Proceeds from the dinner will go to the St. Kateri building
fund. Ridgway KC members and Altar Society ladies are asked to bring a home baked dessert.
AED Training. There will be AED training the 1st and 2nd weekends in October. The training will
be in the Church right after Mass at all locations.
Weekend Snack Packs for 2014-2015 Volunteers to help make the snack packs are also being
sought. If you are willing to help stuff bags, please come to St. Mary’s basement on Thursdays at
5:30pm. The making of snack packs should take no longer than 30 minutes.
All of the prayers, cards, calls, emails, gifts, meals, and other acts of kindness during my
hospitalizations and recuperation have been greatly appreciated. May God bless all of you.
~Sharon Seely
Thanks to all my family and friends for the cards, gifts, and birthday wishes. Also for celebrating
with us at my surprise 75th birthday party. It was a shock, didn’t know how many people could keep
a secret from me. God’s blessing and my love to each.
~Dolores Schmitt
Oct 19, Sunday: PSR Class
Oct 20, Monday: Altar Society Meeting, 6:30pm, North Room
Oct 25, Saturday: "Trunk or Treat" at St. Joseph gym. Parking begins at 5:00pm down Combs
Street, between the gym and the ball field. Please have trunks pointed into the road. Chili and hot
dogs will be in the Church gym beginning at 6:00pm. Costume judging will be at 6:30pm. Trunk
judging will be at 6:00pm. Trunk or Treat will begin at 7:00pm. Appetizers and desserts would be
appreciated. There will be a silent cake auction. Please bring a can of food to donate to the food
Oct 28, Tuesday: Parish Council Discernment, beginning with Mass at 6:30pm, St. Mary’s Chapel,
Pray for those who are sick or in hospital: Dave Ahrens, Bob Blair, Ray Brown, John Carruba,
Dorothy Drone, Phyllis Drone, Gary Gabel, Jennifer ‘Rider’ Humphrey, Deana Jones, Don Kimbro,
Jessica Miller, Andrea Mulvey, Roxanna Nicholes, Rita Peyton, Misty Rung, Shannon Sauls, Ed
Sieverding, Frank Sisk, James Stone, Paul Tanner, Melinda Wolf, Frances Bertino, Christie Etienne,
Gabriel Payne, Frank Golden, Ray Parker, Johnny Wargel.
Also remember our sick and shut-ins: Lily Bickenbach, Jack Brown, Ruth Brown, Jim Coyle,
Connie Craig, Nina Kay Dallas, Jim Doyle, Becky Drone, Gregg Drone, Pat E. Drone, Pauline
Drone, Virginia L. Drone, Edith Drone Drufke, Doris Febuary, Jim Foster, Shelby Lynn Gass, Jan
Haines, Brenda Harvey, Faye Holmes, Lisa Holmes, Mary Jo Holmes, Norma Jean Jacobs, Barry
Lee Jones, Sandy Jones, Mike Lane, Vonnie Massey, Marie Mitchell, Barb Naas, Jesse W. Parker,
Beth Pyle, John Scherrer, Gertrude Scherrer, Priscilla Seely, Theresa Shoulders, Frank Skaggs, Bob
Vickery, Chuck Vinyard, Jean Wargel, Runette Williams, Terry Wiles.
(To add/delete a name from the list please call the office: 618-272-7059.)
OUR RETURN GIFTS TO GOD LAST WEEK: Thank you for your generosity.
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Saturday, October 18, 2014
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Fr. Steven L. Beatty
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