Best of Visakhapatnam Recommended by Indian travellers Amazing place to...

Created Date: 25 October 2014
Best of Visakhapatnam Recommended by Indian travellers
Amazing place to...
It was really awesome. One of
my best memories in life that I
Narendr cannot forget. I enjoyed a lot
there. One must go explore
visakhapatnam. Weather and...
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About Visakhapatnam
Bearing the sobriquet “The Jewel of the East Coast”, the port town of Visakhapatnam is located
in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the second largest city in Andhra Pradesh and is an
important port. The city was also called Vizag. It is a fast growing industrial city that also has
good options for education.
Visakhapatnam is situated near the Eastern Ghats facing the Bay of Bengal to the east of India.
The capital city, Hyderabad is situated 625 km from here, towards the east. The other
nicknames that the city has are “The city of destiny” and “Goa of the east”.
History of Visakhapatnam
The city is mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata as a city that was once roamed by
Rama and Lakshman in search of Sita, Rama’s wife. The Mahabharata says that Bakasura, the
evil demon was killed in a place close to Visakhapatnam by Bheema.
Visakhapatnam was also home to Buddhism in the early history of India under the Kalingas and
King Asoka, one of the most important kings of Indian history. The city was also under the rulers
of Vengi, Chalukya, Chola, Ganga, Pallava and the Gajapathi dynasty. Vishakapatnam was
also under the Mughal rule who ruled from Hyderabad.
This port city was under the British who developed the city and used it as a trading centre. The
port used to be a place where tobacco, ivory, muslin and other products were exported by the
English East India Company.
People & Culture of Visakhapatnam
People in Visakhapatnam pre dominantly speak Telugu, the local language of Andhra Pradesh.
The Visakha Utsav is an annual festival which is held for four days in January every year and
throws light on the ethnic culture and lifestyle of the region. Organised by the Andhra Pradesh
Tourism Department, it is held on the Rama Krishna Beach with food stalls, art exhibitions and
cultural programmes being the main crowd pullers.
A famous event in Vishakapatnam is Chandanotsavam. Also known as the Chandana Yatra, it
is an annual festival which will be held on 24th April 2012, at Sri Varaha Laxmi Narasimha
Temple in Simhachalam. The deity inside is covered with sandalwood paste and on this day, the
existing layer is removed and a fresh layer of sandalwood paste is applied. Four layers of
sandalwood paste are applied and the first layer is applied after 9:00 pm on the day of Akshaya
Tritiya. This is the one day that devotees get to see the god in its original form.
Things to do in Visakhapatnam
“The jewel of the east coast” has tourist attractions such as the War Memorial, Borra caves,
the Matsyadarshini Aquarium, Simhachalam, Ross Hill, Jagadamba Centre, Kailasagiri,
the Submarine Museum, Naval Museum, Bojjana Konda and the Buddhist remains in addition
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to the beaches. The city is also a fast growing health tourism centre. To explore all the
attractions as well as events and festivals of the city tourists can avail the Visakhapatnam
holiday packages according to their requirements.
Food & Shopping in Visakhapatnam
Food in Visakhapatnam is generally very spicy. Some of the local specialities are murku,
booralu, appadam, pulihara etc. Eating joints in the Siripuram area are popular amongst food
lovers. Another local favourite is the murri mixture which is a mix of puffed rice, chopped onions
and tomatoes. This is widely available in the beaches of the city.
In Visakhapatnam tourists can shop for locally made handicrafts, sandalwood sculptures and
pearls. The state owned Lepakshi Emporium is a good place to buy genuine handicrafts. Other
shopping areas are Jagadamba Junction and RTC Complex area near Dwaraka Nagar. While
the shops in Dwaraka Nagar are known for their toys and handicrafts, the Kurupam Market is
for its jewellery, both gold and silver.
Travelling to Visakhapatnam
Visakhapatnam can be reached by rail, road and air. The city has an airport that is connected
with the metropolitan and other cities of the country. The airport is 16 km away from the city
centre and is connected by buses and taxis. It is also connected with many important cities by
To reach Visakhapatnam road transport is also available. Services are provided by
government as well as private operators. Regular services are available to Chennai,
Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore, among other cities.
Travelling within Visakhapatnam
Buses, taxis and auto rickshaws are the usual modes of transport for travelling
within Visakhapatnam. One of the cheapest modes of travel, buses usually leave from the
Dwarka Bus Complex and spread out into the city.
Taxis are widely available in the city and the charges are around INR 13 for every kilometer.
Taxis are readily available at the railway station and airport. Auto rickshaws are a popular
means of commute but do not run on metre. So, the fare needs to be negotiated before
boarding. There are no extra night time charges.
Accommodation options in Visakhapatnam
Visakhapatnam hotel options include mid-range and star rated hotels. Most of these are
located near the temples and the Buddhist pilgrimage spots. There are several business hotels
also which have business facilities like conference halls, Wi-Fi access etc.
Visakhapatnam has a tropical climate. The best time to visit Visakhapatnam is between
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November and February.
Andhra Pradesh
Famous for/as: City
STD code:
Summer 24 To 35°C, Winter 18 To 33°C
Featured review about Visakhapatnam
City of Destiny - Vizag
"Vizag is one of the best places of Tourist interest in Andhra Pradesh. This not so popular
destination in terms of tourism on Indian map has huge tourism potential though.
The gorgeous azure blue sea, seductive beaches, breathtaking valleys and a luxuriant country
side ..... the natural assets of Vizag are execptional. In addition, Vizag is an amalgam of the old
and the new. This city maintains the small -town friendliness blended with contemporary
luxuries, modern conveniences and efficiency. A Perfect spot for Honeymoon couples, family
tours, week end getaways and even groups and corporates as there are activities which can
fulfil every age group.
The marine drive in Vizag gives you an experience of the potential this destination has. The
drive to Bheemli with Hills on one side and unexplored beaches and sea on the other is a visual
treat to any tourist.
This destination can be blended with a couple of close by destination like Araku valley and
Konaseema which forms a very interesting tourist circuit. A visit to Vizag, Araku and
Konaseema would cover various themes like Sea and Beaches, Valleys and Hills along with
Backwaters and Rural tourism.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: The food is hot, spicy and mostly rice based. The local dishes
are richly flavoured with loads of tamarind and spice. Most eateries are Multi cuisine offering a
varied range of dishes.
Vizag is not known for shopping but the fare on display is varied.
Activities & things to do: Places of interest in Vizag:
Kailashgiri: This familiar picnic spot is a Hillock on a sea front with an enchanting view of the
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sea, beaches, lush green forests and bustling city. The major attractions here are the 40 feet tall
magnificent Shiva-Parvati idol, the Shanku chakra nama, floral clock, titanic viewpoint, Rope
way drive over looking the sea and a toy train ride.
Rushikonda beach: This lovely beach is very popular with locals and tourists. This portion of sea
is the safest to bathe or surf, though precaution is always advised.
R.K beach: A place for leisure and relaxation, RK Beach is a hot tourist spot in Vizag. The
primary attractions here include a visit to submarine museum (The South Asia's only submarine
museum), Visakha museum, Fishing harbor, Aquarium etc.
Vizag has much more than R.K beach, Kailashgiri and Rushikonda which people and
conventional tourists often miss out. Thotlakonda is one such place. Also called as The hills of
eagles, the complex has lot of structures associated with Buddhist activity. The magnificent view
of the lovely sea from the top of this hillock is mindblowing.
Yarada beach: Another unexplored spot this is one of the best beaches in Vizag. Nestled
between the hills on all the three sides and the Bay of Bengal on one side, this beach is ideal
spot for a day out. Also the drive to this beach gives you a chance to visit the light house and
view the Dolphin hill.
Kambalakonda: This is a spot which many locals are also unaware off. Nestled on the highway
close to the heart of the city this eco tourism project can be termed as one of the best tourist
spot in Vizag. A visit to this park gives you a feeling as if you are in a forest though it is very
close to the city. Look out for a spot called watch tower. The view from this watch tower is
mindblowing. You get to see the lush green hills on one side and sea at its glory on the other.
There is a small pond where you may go for peddle boating. If you are traveling in group then
you may for a trekking organised by the management early in the morning.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: All in all Vizag has a great blend and variety for a
perfect vacation. If one has enough time on hand then a visit to nearby places like Araku valley,
Borra caves and Konaseema can make it a
complete trip with different experiences.
Vizag is well accessible by rail, road and air." - sunny, Hyderabad, Jun 13, 2009
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Top attractions in Visakhapatnam recommended by travellers
Araku Valley
Entry: Free
Ranked: 1 Of 42
Ratings: 5.91/7 (28 Reviews)
Page 5/13
"Araku is the most beutiful i have seen in andhrapradesh the climate over there is very cool and
adventurous place burra cave and nice waterfalls like Ghatika and anantagiri " - Vardhan
Babu, Vizianagaram, 2 weeks ago
Rishikonda Beach
Entry: Free
Ranked: 2 Of 42
Ratings: 6.03/7 (26 Reviews)
"this beach is very nice and good in look spending time is very happy and resorts and hill view
point is very great looking good and beach is clean and it is perfect place to spend good
evening" - Kiran Guptha, , 1 week ago
Borra Caves
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 3 Of 42
Ratings: 6.24/7 (17 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 10:00 To 17:30 , Saturday - 10:00 To 17:30 , Sunday - 10:00 To
17:30 , Public Holidays - 10:00 To 17:30
"Its a wonderful place to camp with family or friends.The atmosphere was chill ,this itself brings a
joyful mood. The gardens were maintained properly and hence dissatisfaction towards timidity.
Burra caves were extraordinary to miss out.Mainly the..." - Srimaharshi Manchem,
Kakinada, 2 days ago
Entry: Free
Ranked: 4 Of 42
Ratings: 5.70/7 (14 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 06:00 To 20:00 , Saturday - 06:00 To 20:00 , Sunday - 06:00 To
20:00 , Public Holidays - 06:00 To 20:00
"I went to Simhachalam with my friends during rainy season.We decided to go by walk.It was
really great fun.Clicking picture on the way.Getting wet...singing songs..dancing...Some became
vexed climbing the we took a break and started..." - Nitin Khurana, Panipat, 1
month ago
Kailasagiri Hill Park
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 5 Of 42
Ratings: 6.56/7 (12 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 10:00 To 20:00 , Saturday - 10:00 To 20:00 , Sunday - 10:00 To
Page 6/13
20:00 , Public Holidays - 10:00 To 20:00
"hi friends,last year i went to visakhapatnam for tour and went for kailasagiri hill parkreally it was
a very good park and we climb on hill over the rope way , really we feel very happy on going the
ropeway, we enjoyed alot there in the park we..." - Riyaz Ali, , 2 months ago
Submarine Museum
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 6 Of 42
Ratings: 6.27/7 (11 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 09:00 To 21:00 , Saturday - 09:00 To 21:00 , Sunday - 09:00 To
21:00 , Public Holidays - 09:00 To 21:00
"If You never seen submarine then it is a must visit for the traveler to the museum if u are
carrying kids with you then definitely you must go there to know about the submarine its history
its mechanism its use its advantages its working..." - Somyajeet , , 3 months ago
Ramakrishna Beach
Entry: Free
Ranked: 7 Of 42
Ratings: 6.07/7 (10 Reviews)
"Ramakrishna beach is probably the best place to hang out daily. Being a localite, I can't resist
myself visiting it at least twice a week. Best place to hang out with your friends in vizag. the cool
breeze and the aesthetic conditions make it..." - Satish Korada, Visakhapatnam, 1 month
Dolphin?s Nose
View Point
Entry: Free
Ranked: 8 Of 42
Ratings: 6.11/7 (6 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 07:00 To 19:00 , Saturday - 07:00 To 19:00 , Sunday - 07:00 To
19:00 , Public Holidays - 07:00 To 19:00
"Dolphin Nose is a hill which shaped like the nose of a Dolphin. This area essentially comes
under navy. You can find a lot of navy house in and around this place. Dolphin point is one of
the very popular landmarks of Vizag. There is a light house..." - A S, Hyderabad, Apr 9, 2014
Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 9 Of 42
Ratings: 5.58/7 (5 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 09:00 To 17:00 , Saturday - 09:00 To 17:00 , Sunday - 09:00 To
Page 7/13
17:00 , Public Holidays - 09:00 To 17:00
"Great zoo to roam and see all the animals. Take a lot of water with you. Best time to go in the
second half of the year. However, in summers you'll be exhausted and dehydrated, you'll also
not get to see animals coming out due to sun. Visit in..." - Prateek , Agra, 2 months ago
10 Visakhapatnam
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 10 Of 42
Ratings: 5.20/7 (5 Reviews)
"Nice timepass place.. Will be upset to see some of the animals only on posters.. Should search
a lot to see tiger and lion... Crocodiles would entertain a bit... Canteen is okay with medium
quality food and little bit high prices. Elephants and..." - Vineeth Chowdary, Tanuku, 3
weeks ago
Popular hotels in Visakhapatnam recommended by travellers
Akshaya Hotel
Rs. 1,250 - 1,450
Ranked: 1 Of 181
Ratings: 5.23/7 (236 Reviews)
Address: Station Road,Opp. DRM Office
Phone: 0891-2598144
Website: Http://
"It's decent Hotel near ISBT and railway station. Even beach is not very far.
Hotel accommodation are ok with decent food services. Rooms are ok. Room
services are not done regularly. Food is bit spicy. There is a construction of
building going on..." - Bhaskar jyoti , Kolkata, 2 weeks ago
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Haritha Beach Resort
Rs. 1,500 - 2,500
2 Of 181
5.27/7 (143 Reviews)
Bhimili Road
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam Travellers
"Hotel was situated near to the beach and it was conveniently located. I traveled
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there by train. They did not provide any pick up and drop facility. Service and
staff behavior were very good. Taste and Quality of food was not good there.
Both..." - Uma , Hyderabad, 1 month ago
Read 143 hotel reviews on
Vidhi Residency
Rs. 1,500 - 1,750
3 Of 181
4.98/7 (125 Reviews)
28-9-57, Beside Kalyani Press
Preferred by: Couple | Kolkata Travellers
"It was a relaxation trip with the family. I had food in the hotel, the quality and the
taste was very good. The cost was reasonable. There was no delay while check
in and checkout procedure. Overall the stay at this hotel was value for the
money...." - Pritesh Pure, Mumbai, 4 weeks ago
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Hotel Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach
Rs. Upto 5,500
4 Of 181
6.12/7 (85 Reviews)
Beach Road
Preferred by: Couple | Mumbai, Visakhapatnam Travellers
" It has a beautiful landscape.rooms service haspatality every thing was fine if
we cme to food fish items will be Gud.EXCELLENT LOOK,STYLISH,AND
Vijayawada, 1 week ago
Read 85 hotel reviews on
Daspalla Hotel
Rs. 3,900 - 6,100
Ranked: 5 Of 181
Ratings: 5.25/7 (90 Reviews)
Page 9/13
Address: Suryabagh
Phone: 0891-2564825
"My visit was for an Exam, how ever have booked it for 2 days so i can check
out the place also. The location of the hotel was excellent, it is very near to the
bus stop, and a place called COMPLEX. i have not taken any travel advice from
the..." - Dp Vamsi, Hyderabad, 2 weeks ago
Read 90 hotel reviews on
Dolphin Group of Hotels
Rs. 4,400 - 6,400
Ranked: 6 Of 181
Ratings: 5.85/7 (67 Reviews)
Address: Daba Gardens
Phone: 0891-2567000
Website: Http://
"I was so good and very close to city vizag. rooms were under good
maintenance and service was also nice to say. as come to restaurant located
inside the hotel it was also so nice and quality of food waas awsome when
compare to others. I was so..." - Sunil jaychandra Tirumalasetty, Kovvur,
Read 67 hotel reviews on
The Park
Rs. 9,000 - 14,000
Ranked: 7 Of 181
Ratings: 5.77/7 (67 Reviews)
Address: Beach Road
Phone: 0891-2754488
"This good old property bang on the Vizag beach is more like a resort with its old
structure and environs..its private beach and huge lawns are truly
awesome..access to beach road..submarine museum,rk beach...vuda park at a
walking..." - Sandeep Rao, Hyderabad, 2 weeks ago
Read 67 hotel reviews on
Green Park Hotel
Rs. 3,800 - 6,500
Ranked: 8 Of 181
Page 10/13
Ratings: 5.64/7 (69 Reviews)
Address: Waltair Main Road
Phone: 0891-2564444
"Green Park Hotel, Vizag is one of the best hotel for exellent stay, variety of
food, good services, warm people with lot of positive attitude and behaviour,
every time whenever i come next in Vizag for either personal or official tour, i
would..." - Krishna Mattaparth, Vijayawada, 2 weeks ago
Read 69 hotel reviews on
Sai Priya Resorts
Rs. 1,500 - 3,000
9 Of 181
4.83/7 (85 Reviews)
Beach Road
Preferred by: Family | Siliguri Travellers
THERE WAS NOT..." - Avijit mukhopadhyay , Guwahati, 1 week ago
Read 85 hotel reviews on
10 Supreme
Rs. 1,500 - 3,000
Ranked: 10 Of 181
Ratings: 5.15/7 (63 Reviews)
Address: Beach Road
Near Collector Office
Near Coastal Battery
Phone: 0891-2782472
"Hi friends, the supreme is the one of the best hotel in vizag at reasonable,
rooms were so good. great service and wonderful food by supreme. from this
hotel we have great view of sea & beach. swimming pool was so good. room
service was..." - Karthik N, Hyderabad, 2 weeks ago
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Read 63 hotel reviews on
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Visakhapatnam weather
Best Season / Best Time to Visit Visakhapatnam
Best Time to Visit Visakhapatnam
Visakhapatnam, known as 'The Jewel of the East Coast', is a port city in Andhra Pradesh and
the best time to visit the city is from November to February. Vizag experiences three seasons summer, monsoon and winter. The city is located amidst Eastern Ghats and is flanked by the
Bay of Bengal.
Summer in Visakhapatnam
Summers in Vizag are from March to May and during this time, humidity is high and
temperature reaches up to 45° C and above.
Monsoon in Visakhapatnam
June to September is Vizag's monsoon season when the city receives heavy rainfall.
Winter in Visakhapatnam
Winters, continuing from December to February, are quite pleasant with temperatures ranging
from 18° C to 32° C.
Things to Do During Winter
This city is a paradise for surfers and people who want to learn surfing. Pros can enjoy it directly
while beginners can learn at Vizag Surf Club or Surfing Association of Vizag. INS Kurusura
Submarine Museum and Kailasagiri Park placed on top of a hill are must-visits. Dolphin's Nose
is a must-visit because of its spectacular view of the city on one side and the spread out sea on
the other. For a fun picnic with friends, VUDA Park is the destination. This park also has musical
fountains and boating clubs. If you're a beach person, Lawson's Beach, R.K. Beach and
Rishikonda are a few of the many beaches that won't disappoint you. However, many of these
beaches are unsafe for swimming.
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