Out dame de dun dine An died up or de wain

Early Years Communication
and Language Conference at
University Centre Doncaster
Back by popular demand!
Karl Bowers (SALT) provides a new keynote and
continues to follow the tale of Inty, Winty Bider...
Out dame de dun dine
An died up or de wain
An Inty, Winty Bider
Dimed up de bout adain!
Saturday 29th November 2014
9:00am – 3:30pm
Harvey Theatre, High Melton DN5 7SZ
(Car Parking is available at the rear of the theatre)
Speech, language and communication is essential in underpinning and supporting
children’s future development and learning
Special Guest
Karl Bowers
Karl Bower is the Head of Children’s Speech and Language Therapy for a local
NHS Hospital Trust. A highly specialist paediatric speech and language therapist
with over 16 years experience working with children with speech, language and
communication difficulties. A registered member of the Royal College of Speech
and Language Therapists, a member of the Health and Care Professions Council, an
expert communication practitioner and ELKAN tutor.
Participation in Standard Funds projects and with a Behaviour and Education
Support Team has taken him away from work in traditional therapy environments
such as Hospitals / local community clinics and has placed him into educational
settings, children’s homes, even providing therapy support on horseback.
Karl is a dedicated and conscientious therapist, who believes in supporting children’s
communication skills in a child centred, exciting, holistic and creative way.
Who is this conference for?
Children Centre Managers
Child Minders
Crèche Workers
Early Years Practitioners
Early Years Professionals
Early Years Teachers
Head Teachers
Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Nursery Nurses
Managers and Owners of Early
Years Settings
Learning Support Assistants
Local Authority Advisors
Room Leaders
• Students Studying to Work with
Teaching Assistants
Teachers in Foundation Stage
Teachers in key Stage 1
Booking fee £32 including lunch and refreshments (please advise of dietary
requirements on booking form). The Café bar will be open for hot beverages.
Please complete the booking form and forward this with your payment to:
HE Admin, Old Hall, University Centre Doncaster, High Melton, DN5 7SZ. If you prefer
to pay by credit card tel 01302 553522 but also post your booking form to the above
address. Invoices can be raised if this is preferred, please contact Katy Noble. Payment
by cheque should be made payable to Doncaster College.
For more information please contact:
Janine Ryan – Programme Leader Early Childhood Studies
Email: [email protected] Telephone: 01302 558248
To book a place contact:
Katy Noble
Email: [email protected] Telephone: 01302 553549
Registration and refreshments
Karl Bowers: Keynote
Workshop 1
Lunch provided, refreshments can be purchased from the Coffee Bar
Workshop 2
Workshops – These can be booked on the day
Workshop 1: Phonics – A Speech Therapist Perspective
2. Workshop 2: Tots on Tour – Supporting Children’s Language through Song
3. Workshop 3: Supporting Children with EAL
4. Workshop 4: Storytelling in the Garden
5. Workshop 5: Loud and Lively Outdoors
6. Workshop 6: Foundations for Learning – Supporting Children’s Future Literacy
Conference Booking Form – 29/11/14
Please complete and send with cheque to:
HE Admin, Old Hall, University Centre Doncaster, High Melton, DN5 7SZ
If you prefer to pay by credit card tel 01302 553522 or you can request an invoice katy.
[email protected] either way you will need to email your booking form to [email protected]
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