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January, 2015
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GM Report:
Message from
EYC President ,
Ray Thomas and
a farewell to EYC
member TITO.
Meet the new
Commodore John
Hemiup as he
discusses his
2015 plans.
2015 Cruising
Schedule & Upcoming event
reminders. Lots
going on.
Details re. US
Management &
Racing Rules
Seminar on the
Member Ads
EYC’s two month
rolling calendar of
upcoming events.
January Dining
Room Specials,
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
2014 Board of Directors
Encinal Yacht Club
Established 1890
Sr. Vice President
Vice President
Vice Commodore
Rear Commodore
Director/Membership/Jr. Liaison
Director/Welcome Aboard
Director/House Liaison
Ray Thomas
Dan Hayes
Andrew Slakey
Anneke Dury
John Hemiup
Jim Vickers
Doug Perry
Grace Hess
Dave Ellis
Nicki Powell-Ford
Angela Loeffler
Committee Chairpersons
Welcome Aboard
Boat Yard
Building & Grounds
Junior Sailing
Long Range Planning
Trophy Chair
Grace Hess & Dan Hayes
Nicki Powell-Ford
Charley Eddy
Aaron Lee
Chuck We;eroth
Rebecca Rizzo
Grace Hess
Steve & Barb Grove
David Dury
Michael Scheck
Dee Fox
Appointed Officers
Port Captain
Cruise Captains
Small Boat Fleet Captain
Power Boat Fleet Captain
& Safety Officer
Member Liaison
Club Counsel
Soundings Editor
Web Master
Club Historians
NCPCA Delegate
PICYA Delegates
Tony Shaffer
Darrell & Nicki Powell-Ford
Ken Popplewell
Tony Shaffer
Vern Bendsen
Christopher Hanson
Tom Sheehan
Don Ahrens
Debra Early
Marguerite Lawry
Linda Bendsen
Fred Rutledge
Tony Shaffer
Michael Andrews
Susan Jacquelin
Linda Bendsen
Staff Commodore
Junior Staff Commodore
General Manager
F & B Director/CFM
Membership Services Coordinator
Assistant Administrator
Junior Sailing Director
Rigo Headley
Elena Vassell
Karla Bolivar
Brianna Sylvers
Virginia Hamilton
Manny Rodriquez
Hannah Tuson-Turner
1251 Pacific Marina
Alameda, CA 94501
Office (510) 522-3272
Bar (510) 865-1303
Fax (510) 865-8630
SOUNDINGS will be published monthly. Submissions
will be handled with reasonable care, but no liability is
assumed for them. All articles are subject to editing for
content and space consideration.
PERMISSIONS: Material in this publication may not be
reproduced in any form without written permission directed to the Editor.
DEADLINE: Articles and photographs are due by the
20th of the month prior to publication. Late submissions
cannot be assured of publication. Articles may be
dropped off or faxed to the Club, or emailed to
the Editor (Tom Sheehan) at
[email protected]
Administra on Office Hours
Wednesday—Sunday………...…..….……9:00am – 5:00 pm
Dining Room Services
Thursday - Sunday…..Lunch Service:11:30am – 2:00pm
Thursday - Sunday…Dinner Service: 5:30pm – 8:30 pm
Sunday Brunch…….……………………...…9:00am - 2:00pm
Bar Hours
Thursday – Saturday……………….....11:30am – 10:00 pm
Sunday……………………………...…….…..9:00am – 9:00 pm
Bar Menu Available, Thursday-Sunday:
11:30am – 8:30pm
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
From the GM,
As we kick off 2015, I
would like to take a moment
to say thank you to Sam Benson our immediate Past
President and Susan Jacquelin now Junior Staff
Commodore for their dedication, commitment and excellent service to the Board and everyone in our Encinal Yacht Club family. It has been a pleasure working with you both and I look forward to your insight
and feedback for many years to come.
Please note: Dining Room Hours are Thursdays-Sundays Lunch
11:30am – 2:00pm & Dinner 5:30pm-8:30pm. Reservations for
dinner are highly encouraged.
Congratulations to our recently elected Board: Ray
Thomas President, John Hemiup Commodore, Dan
Hayes Sr. Vice President, Andrew Slakey Vice
President, Anneke Dury Treasurer, Jim Vickers
Vice Commodore, Doug Perry Rear Commodore,
Linda Bendsen Secretary, Grace Hess Director,
Dave Ellis Director, Nicki Powell-Ford Director,
and Angela Loeffler Director. I look forward to
working with all of you and hope this year provides all
of you a terrific experience with tremendous success!
On behalf of our dedicated staff, I would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to our members for your
generous contributions to the Employee Holiday Gift
Fund. Your gift will reach the frontline employees
who deal directly with members as well as the employees working behind the scenes to deliver services
and maintain our facilities. Our employees are very
excited to continue contributing to the success of the
club in 2015! Thank you again for your support of this
year’s Employee Holiday Gift Fund.
Make EYC Your New Year Resolution!
The New Year is here and two main goals for 2015
are Membership Growth and Member Experience. I
would like to hear from you with any comments, suggestions and/or ideas that can contribute to strengthening our efforts in the above mentioned area of Member Services. Please feel free to contact me directly
via email at [email protected] and/or office
phone 510-522-3272. I look forward to hearing you!
See you along the docks….
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
From EYC
Happy New Year!
As I am typing this article we are in the midst of a
successful Holiday Season at the EYC. The members and staff have helped make the Holidays a festivePhotos
and successful
end to a of
It is now time to ring out 2014 and welcome in the
New Year. The New Year brings new and exciting
challenges to our club. There are new Flag officers,
board members, staff changes and budgets. Much
of the 2015 planning is in place with many exciting
events already on the calendar. New projects will
be considered and implemented throughout the year
as our budget permits.
In 2015 we will encourage the membership to take
advantage of the online tools for information and
updates on everything club related. The Signal Flag
and Soundings are always available on our website.
Your club statement and payments can be seen and
processed on line. The membership roster for contacting club members is on line for your convenience. If you have not signed up to access the membership area on the EYC website, please take time
to do so. We pledge to keep our website up to date
and fresh with information about all things EYC.
In 2015 we will rely, almost exclusively, on electronic invitations for club events. It is imperative
that we all RSVP to these electronic invitations. An
accurate head count makes for a successful event!
Please make sure the office has your most recent
contact information. As previously stated, we have
many fun events planned for 2015. Let’s attend as
many as possible and support our great club
throughout the 2015.
Happy New Year!
See you at the
The EYC family lost longtime honorary member Battista "Tito"
Rivano on December 17. He navigated his last few leagues over the
bar with grace and dignity. Tito
was a fixture of the Alameda marine community as he traveled his
86 years. A master at his boat
building trade and a chef extraordinaire. He emigrated from his native
Carlo forte Sardinia by way of New York City. A stint as a
Merchant Marine in Italy convinced him that sea sickness
is to be avoided. He started building small boats at a young
age to make ends meet. "Tito's Toros" revolutionized the
popular dinghy fleet with modern fiberglass hulls long before Opti's were born. His boat works at Marina Village,
near now Gate 8, led to many fine pleasure and racing
boats. His painting and varnishing skills adorn the Encinal
clubhouse today. Sailing adventures and rivalries gave him
endless memories and tales to share.
Tito seemed gruff but had an enormous heart, friendship,
and desire to share. No one can forget that adorable gesture
of slightly cocking his head with a smile and little shrug,
saying "just accept those things we can't change". When
living on land he'd take in stray persons and be sure they
had food to eat etc. From aboard his Cal 30 he would bring
soup or his masterful Cioppino to his food loving friends.
For years he and friends would shed their shoes and stomp
grapes in his boat shop or backyards to create his wonderful
red wine. Tito would give all he had to anyone in need,
sometimes appearing with a meal and a bottle of vino. His
nick name was "Richest poor man on the Bay".
Tito loved his baby blue Zephyr and especially his rowing
dory crafted with his hands
and skill. The rowing boat
"Tito's Candy" was christened
and named in '09 by then little
Camille Dawson, a junior sailor among the hundreds Tito
loved to watch grow and learn to sail over the years in the
paradise of his "backyard".
In his last days Tito gave his rowing boat to the Encinal
Sailing Foundation to form TITO'S ROWING CLUB. He
had ceased boating with his failing health and inability to
swim! He cherished the idea that his rowing boat would
continue to adorn the fleet. Those serious about rowing and
continuing his legacy can belong and use "Tito's Candy"
for charitable monthly membership dues. Contact Mike
A memorial and celebration are being planned for the
spring….Fair winds and calm seas, Tito.
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
First let me wish everyone a very Happy New Year.
My goal for this coming year is to continue to improve and add to the many boating opportunities that EYC offers its members through boating safety classes and education,
cruising, power-boating, and racing. To achieve this goal, I will build upon the
knowledge, support and previous work of my predecessors; current Staff Commodore Michael Andrews, current Junior Staff Commodore Susan Jacquelin, former Small Boat Fleet Captain Chris Golian and all the
members of the Race Committee who have mentored me over the past two years.
In regards to boating safety and education, we look forward to again hosting the US Coast Guard Auxiliary
Boater Safety Class on February 28th, the US Sailing Association One Day Race Management Seminar
on January 31st , organized by Dee Fox, the Safety at Sea Seminar on May 17th, and various additional sessions/presentations that will be scheduled during the year to enhance our boating experiences on the Bay.
The Racing Program has already started off with 34 boats signed up for the Jack Frost Winter Series that
began November 15th . Despite a challenging “light wind” day, we were able to send five divisions off to a
successful finish. Special thanks to the race committee members of that day, who were Staff Commodore Michael Andrews, Rear Commodore Doug Perry, Cruise Captains Darrell & Nicki Powell-Ford, Small Boat
Fleet Captain Ken & Marianne Popplewell, and our recent recipient of the Dan Fleming Award as outstanding race committee , Patti Stauch. Starting with the first Jack Frost, we began using a web-based race management tool, Jibeset. Jibeset is designed to not only assist racers in signing up for races, but also to help the
Race Committee score and post results on the web. Racers can learn their results immediately and in the future, monitor their ongoing standing of the series on the web. Helping to manage this project is Staff Commodore & Chairman of the YRA, Charles Hodgkins, and YRA HDA/ODCA President & EYC member Don
Vice Commodore Jim Vickers has sent a survey to past Coastal Cup participants and received a majority of
votes in favor of returning to Santa Barbara as the finish destination. Jim & Jenn Vickers have already met
with SBYC members and staff to confirm this great coastal event for June 3rd to the 7th.
Small Boat Fleet Captain Ken Popplewell has an excellent schedule of race events such as the Mercury &
Small Boat series, Chichester race around the island for Lasers and is arranging an event for Summer Sailstice. The Small Boat events are a wonderful opportunity for racers and families to enjoy the estuary.
The Cruise Captains Darrell and Nicki Powell-Ford have met with the Cruising Committee and are assembling another year of adventures that will surely produce good stories for the Cruising Awards Dinner next
December. If you are a powerboat or sailboat owner who is looking to meet other members who take boating
at a proper pace, consider joining them on a cruise of the Bay.
To welcome guest boaters to our docks is our illustrious Port Captain, Tony Shaffer. Tony, with his many
years serving the club in numerous positions, brings an unequaled energy and enthusiasm to the post. I very
much look forward to working with Tony as not only the Port Captain, but also as the club’s Power Boat Fleet
Captain & Safety Officer.
I look forward to seeing you on the water!
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
From Cruise Captains
From House Director
Happy New Year!
2015 EYC Cruising
Jan 1
Jan 31
Mar 27-29
The holidays at EYC were spectacular this season. I
want to send out a giant thank you to everyone who
came to help decorate. I would like to give a special
shout out to Jerry, who is an absolute rock star. He
New Year’s Day Cruise Around the brought out all the bins and the trees, and then
cleaned up the mess we made setting it all up. Everyone worked very hard and I very much appreciate
Mardi Gras Cruise In to EYC
the effort. The club looked great!
Treasure Island, Mike & Wendy
May 15-17
The Lighted Yacht Parade, the Children’s Holiday
Party and New Year’s Gala were all wonderful
South Beach, Tom Sheehan, Jan
events to close out 2014. The holiday sing-a-long
was a memorable night! Thank you to everyone for
Rodgers, Sean & Rebecca Geis
showing up and participating to make the season
Benicia, Chuck Hero & Edie Walker bright.
May 24
Estuary Pub Crawl (Dinghies)
Apr 24-26
As we move into 2015, I am excited about all of the
June 12-14 Sausalito, Charles & Kathryn
events we have coming up. Mark and Irmgard
Hodgkins, Darrell & Nicki Powell – Bernhard have graciously offered to put on their
fantastic Mardi Gras event on January 31. It will
be a wonderful night of good food, good music and
good times.
July 4th
Cruise in to EYC
July 17-19
Marin (Family Cruise Out) Liddy
Clark & Kathryn Hodgkins
Aug 8-16
Delta Daze, Neil & Carol Weinberg
Aug 21-23
Family Cruise Out to Angel Island,
As always, please watch the Signal Flag and look for
Kathryn Hodgkins & Michelle
Evite invitations for more information about upcomShaffer
ing events.
Half Moon Bay (Nicki & Darrel
I am enjoying everyone’s input and ideas for 2015.
Sep 4-7
Oct 9-11
This year Valentine’s Day lands on a Saturday and
the club will be having a prix fix dinner and music.
Please join us for a lovely evening with your special
Please keep them coming. Let’s have a great year
Commodore’s Cruise, John Hemi- full of wonderful events at EYC!
Nov 14-15
China Camp (Anchor) Sean & Rebecca Geis
All the Best,
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
All photos compliments of Ray Thomas
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
Let EYC host your next event!
Contact our Food & Beverage Director,
Elena Vassel
[email protected] or 510-522-3272
If you would like additional information regarding pricing,
placement and terms, please
contact Rigo Headley, EYC
General Manager/COO at:
(510) 522522-3272 and/or
[email protected]
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272
ENCINAL YACHT CLUB · 1251 PACIFIC MARINA · ALAMEDA · CA · 94501 · 510.522.3272