American Airlines Non-Rev Travel Policies and Procedures

American Airlines Non-Rev Travel Policies and Procedures
Advance Passenger Information
Advance passenger information (APIS) will be collected by American at the time of check-in,
when required. Non-revs should allow for sufficient time prior to departure to provide this
American's normal baggage allowances apply, see for details, except that the 1st and
2nd checked baggage fee is waived for ticketed eligible US Airways employees, retirees and
dependents and its wholly-owned subsidiaries under the AA/US Interim Reciprocal Travel
Boarding policy
Employees of US Airways and their eligible travelers will be accommodated on American at the
new priority code "US", not AAC as previously reported. Boarding will be after American's own
employees, retirees and their dependents on personal travel. This boarding code must be entered
as part of the check-in entry therefore US Airways travelers will need to be aware of this code in
the event an AA agent isn’t aware of the priority US.
Boarding will be based on time of check-in.
If American is not able to accommodate you on the flight requested, AA agents will "roll" you to
the next American operating flight. You will retain your original time of check-in for processing
from the priority list.
For space-available (or “standby” or “sub-load”) personal travel, non-revs may check in up to
twenty four (24) hours before departure at an airport ticket office. To allow for added security
procedures, non-revs must check-in no later than 60 minutes for domestic travel and 90 minutes
for international.
You may check-in at American's Economy class counter only.
You will be automatically checked in on all down-line flights, provided all segments are contained
in a single PNR. You will not need to check-in again at connecting AA cities.
Code of Conduct
Non-revs must ensure that no inconvenience is given to American’s commercial passengers and
ground staff and cabin crew are not distracted from giving maximum service to such passengers.
Non-revs may use the AA/US interim reciprocal travel-issued tickets for personal pleasure travel
only. AA/US interim reciprocal travel-issued tickets may not be used for any kind of businessrelated travel.
AA/US interim reciprocal travel-issued tickets are not transferable. They may not be sold,
purchased, donated, traded, or exchanged for goods or services.
Non-revs must not discuss with revenue passengers the costs or conditions of their reduced rate
Non-revs must cooperate fully with instructions and decisions given by AA employees on duty.
Incidents of unfair or improper treatment should be reported to American via the employee’s staff
travel office, not by the employee directly to AA.
After checking in at the airport, non-revs must remain clear of the ticket lift desk or service center
until they are called by name to receive a seat assignment.
When given a boarding pass, employees must board as soon as directed and take their assigned
seat. Non-revs must not ask other passengers to move to improve their seating. If asked to
change seats, change cabin, or to deplane, non-revs must do so quickly and quietly.
Non-revs must not request special services or considerations such as special meals,
complimentary alcoholic drinks or headsets, playing cards, wings, or service kit items from ground
or in-flight personnel except for medical aid that may be required in-flight.
Non-revs may drink moderately while in flight, however, employees traveling in uniform will not be
served alcoholic beverages.
Non-revs may not use AA/US interim reciprocal travel-issued tickets if already booked for travel
using American AAdvantage® miles or any revenue ticket on the same day between the same
Commercial amenities
Access to American's Admirals Clubs or American's First Class and International Arrival Lounges
is not permitted by airline employees or eligible dependents regardless of ticket-type.
Other commercial amenities, including but not limited to pre-reserved seating, special meal
requests and carriage of pets in the cabin (except service animals) or as checked baggage are
not permitted.
Denied boarding
Non-revs holding AA/US interim reciprocal travel-issued tickets who are not accommodated on
their intended American flight are not entitled and must refuse to accept Denied Boarding
Compensation (DBC).
Employees and their eligible travelers are expected to hold all pertinent travel documents such as
passport, visas and health certificate required by the country of destination and for every point en
route, in case offloading should become necessary for commercial or other reasons.
AA reserves the right to deny boarding to any traveler who does not hold the appropriate
documents for any point to be transited on route.
Dress code
Non-revs are advised to be well groomed, wear neat, clean attire, conservative and in good taste
Clean jeans and running shoes are acceptable in Economy class only
Neat, clean shorts are permitted for children ages six and under
The following are not permitted in any class:
Jogging/running/warm-up suits
Sheer/revealing clothing
T-shirts/tank tops
Bare midriffs
Micro-mini skirts
Clothing with offensive terminology/graphics
Beach clothing/footwear
Shorts (including skorts and culottes) (except for children ages six and under, as noted above)
No permanent embargoes apply for travel on American. American may, however, impose an
embargo on travel to/from newly served cities for 30 days following start of service at that city.
Electronic tickets will be permitted for space-available AA/US interim reciprocal travel-issued
tickets on American.
Flight listing policy and procedures
Flight listing is required for all space-available (“standby” or “sub-load”) travel. Passengers
without a flight listing will be denied check-in.
Flight listings must be made at least 48 hours in advance of travel for international flights and 12
hours in advance for all other flights.
Employees of other airlines must make their flight listing via the AA Web Flight Listing Tool
(available through the via the US Airways Wings Interline and ZED Page).
o US Airways employees should contact Employee Travel Services for instructions on
accessing this site.
Flights included or excluded
Travel is valid on flights operated by American Airlines. Some flights may be operated by
American Eagle or American Connection. American Eagle is operated by American Eagle
Airlines, Inc., or Executive Airlines, Inc., Skywest Airlines, Inc., or ExpressJet Airlines, Inc.
American Connection service is operated by Chautauqua Airlines, Inc.
Travel is not valid on AA marketed flights operated by carriers other than those listed above (i.e.,
Secure Flight Data
Secure Flight Data (i.e., date of birth, full name, redress number or trusted traveler number if
available) will be collected at the time a flight listing is made.
Special service requests
Non-revs with disabilities are eligible for similar support services offered to American's revenue
Services offered (free of charge):
Meet and assist
Courtesy wheelchairs
Checked personal wheelchairs
Special packaging for wheelchair batteries
Assistance with connecting flights
If a seat has been assigned, employees may pre-board a flight as needed.
Services offered (with a charge):
Therapeutic oxygen (fee applies per segment)
Services NOT offered:
Special meals
Pre-reserved seating
Peanut removal for those with peanut allergies
Non-revs should contact AA at 1-888-WE-FLY-AA, Option 3, to have their reservation record updated
with the special service request.
Non-revs traveling with a battery-powered wheelchair or requiring therapeutic oxygen should contact
American reservations in advance of travel to allow for preparation in accommodating the wheelchair or
Requests for therapeutic oxygen will require an accompanying doctor’s statement.
Tickets must be issued by US Airways. American will not issue tickets for US Airways employees,
retirees and eligible dependents.
American will accept infants, on a space-available basis, in approved safety seats only if ticketed
at the applicable child fare.
Voluntary change of route - American may provide rerouting assistance under the following
The fare paid for the ticket held by the traveler is at a fare equal to or higher than the fare
applicable for the new routing
The ticket holder is eligible for travel under the conditions applicable to the AA/US Interim
Reciprocal Travel Program
The new market is from the same country as originally ticketed (e.g., Bogota, Colombia to
Miami will be accepted for travel Medellin, Colombia to Miami, but Bogota, Colombia to
Miami will not be valid Caracas, Venezuela to Miami, even though they are in the same
If a ticket is used in an alternate market (e.g. ticketed DFW-EZE/zone 7, but used DFWSCL/zone 6), the traveler will forfeit any excess service charge, tax, fee or other charge
that was ticketed on the coupon(s) used.
Unaccompanied Minors (Ums)
American will not accept non-rev unaccompanied children under the age of 16.