2015 Spain Information Powerpoint

We’re gaining a new
perspective on the
A little about myself and what we’ll cover
at this meeting
Why international experiences are important
- To gain awareness of global perspectives and
- To align with school curricula and bring
subjects, places and events to life
- To develop the interpersonal skills necessary
to navigate new experiences with confidence,
maturity and flexibility
- To stand out on college applications and
future resumes
Global Classroom Video
EF’s lifetime of experience.
Our experience of a lifetime.
Safety and our worldwide presence
6-to-1 student-to-chaperone ratio
Trained and licensed local guides
24-hour emergency on-call service
Insurance Coverage Plan
Safety and Peace of Mind Policy
World Leader in International Education
Fully accredited, just like our school
Full-time bilingual Tour Director by our side
Educational itineraries based on almost 50
years of experience
Lowest prices. Best value.
Fully immersive tours designed by academic
specialists—for the guaranteed lowest prices
Meet our team—with us at every step
Aaron Weissman
Kimberly Moore
Celia Laskowski
Global Education
Regional Representative
Regional Account
Works with the teacher
to build the travel program
In our neighborhood to
meet face to face
Responsible for excellent
customer service
Where we’re going
What we’ll do, try and explore
What is group travel?
Group travel keeps tours affordable,
allowing more students to see the world
- Combined groups get the best value
- Tour choice and departure date flexibility
to match with other groups
- Meet other students from around the country
- Our date flexibility:
Earliest possible departure: March 21, 2015
Latest possible return: April 1, 2015
- Our tour and date will be confirmed by 70 days
prior to departure
Traveling with EF
Traveling with EF
Passports and visas
All travelers are responsible for
securing necessary documentation
 Valid passports are required for all
 Passports may take up to 14 weeks
to process
 Some destinations may require travel visas
 Non-U.S. citizens may require special
visas or other travel documents
 Important note: Passports must be valid
for at least six months after our scheduled
return date. SWMS Note: Your passport
must be valid to September 1, 2015.
Coverage Plan
Designed specifically with EF travelers in mind
- Provides comprehensive protection for
travelers should something unexpected happen
before or during the tour
 Tour cancellation and interruption
 Illness and accident
 Baggage and property
 Flight delay
- 24-hour access to an
English-speaking representative
For more information visit eftours.com/coverage
or call EF’s Customer Service Department at
What’s included?
Your experience
The details
 Full-time bilingual Tour Director
 Round trip airfare
 Licensed local guides
 Hotels with private bathrooms
 Entrance fees to local attractions
 Comfortable motorcoach
and historically significant sites
 Breakfast and dinner daily
 Experiential activities
 weShare
What’s not included?
 Spending money for optional excursions and free time activities, souvenirs,
beverages, lunches and snacks ($45-$65 per day)
 All-inclusive insurance coverage ($155 per person)
 Tips for your Tour Director, bus driver and local guides (around $10 per day)
 Passport and/or visa fees
Passports may take up to 14 weeks to process and need to be valid
for at least six months after our scheduled return date.
If you are not a U.S. citizen, please review the visa requirements for
our destinations
Recapping the tour highlights
Customize this slide yourself to get everyone really excited to travel with you!
- Use your own pictures
- Highlight what you know your students will be most excited about
- Become acquainted with the destinations you’ll be exploring
Paying for your tour
a month
a day
The EF Price Guarantee
Your guaranteed lowest price will never change once you enroll
with your initial deposit.
Monthly Payment Plan
- Just $95 to enroll now
- Automatic monthly payments start next month
- Choose your monthly withdrawal date (7th, 14th, 21st or 26th)
- Helps you avoid late fees
The EF
Price Guarantee
Once you enroll your price will never change.
Enroll today with your $95 deposit to get the
most manageable, lowest monthly payment.
SWMS Note: Your deposit will secure your
place you on the waiting list. Limited
space for each grade level.
Don’t worry about further payment until next
Automatic payments from your checking
account or credit card.
Our destination video
Why enroll now?
To secure the current price!
Why wait when you can lock in your rate right now? You’ll
take advantage of the best total and monthly pricing
It’s a courtesy: Please let me know if you are traveling
so I can properly plan for the group!
Booking: The sooner we all enroll, the sooner EF can get
to work booking our tour.
How do I enroll?
Online (Right here and now!):
Phone: 800-665-5364
Tour Number: 1609772VF
Enrollment deadline:
Students ONLY!
May 19th thru September 30th
Parents and Students
October 1st thru December 1st
SWMS Note: Student and Staff
travelers have priority over Parents who
desire to travel. Limited Space is
Available for Parents.
deadline in May will be
Every traveler age 13-19 enrolled by the
entered into EF’s $60,000 Scholarship Giveaway!
This year, three lucky students will each win $20,000 for college.
You could be that lucky winner, but only if you are enrolled by the
May 2014 deadline!