Chicks in the Sticks Bus Tour

Chicks in the Sticks
Bus Tour
Friday March 20, 2015
Chicks you won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to tour Taranaki
Farm Located in Woodend, Ben Falloon is the
driving force behind this remarkable mixed farming enterprise, producing
(seasonally): beyond organics pastured eggs, chickens, beef & pork. Ben is
committed to restoring community health, respect and trust between
farm, environment and town.
Join us for a bus tour on Friday 20th March, 2015 to see Ben’s farm and learn
how he orchestrates animal movements around the farm to heal the
landscape. Understand his chemical free principles, and discover how
farming with the landscape (rather than against it) yields rewards that
extend all the way into restoring local community.
call Cathy on 03 5358 4410
or email [email protected]