FAQ: What is the admission process? Please contact us in the

What is the admission process?
Please contact us in the month of October. We start our Registration Process; you can
register personally at our office or by phone to 95001 44791, 95001 42201 or by emailing a
request to [email protected]
Following your registration, we will contact you regarding the application form and process
What are the curricula available in the school?
International (Montessori, Cambridge (1-8), IGCSE (9-10), and IB(11-12)
CBSE pre primary (KG) – grades 1- 12
What are the age criteria for the particular curricula?
Pre Primary- Montessori: 3 Years and CBSE KG: 3.6Years.
Age groups can be requested from [email protected]
Who manages the school?
Ms. Janice Menzies (Director)
Mrs. Sharmili Shah (Principal CBSE)
Mrs Sangita Varma (Principal International)
What are the office timings?
Time: Mon-Sat - 8.00am-5.00pm
Can I get the school brochures?
Yes, you can collect it from the Admin office or by requesting information from
[email protected].
Is food supplied to the students in school? Is there a Canteen facility?
We do not provide meals but students can purchase from canteen.
You are welcome to bring lunch to school. It must be delivered before 12.25pm to the
Is School Transport Available?
Yes. The bus operators can be contact ed directly. You will be advised of the routes. The
bus provider details will be given at enrolment.
I want to know the Facilities of the school?
All Classrooms have Data Projectors, air-conditioned, good quality fittings & furniture, and
the school is Wifi connected. We have a large playground area with Basketball, Volleyball,
and field games such as soccer (football) and cricket. Our cricket pitch is full sized for
tournaments and inter-school matches.
We have inside studios for dance ,music, Table-Tennis, yoga, and Art.
Modern well equipped Labs for Physics/Biology/Chemistry and computers. a recently
updated library also has additional computers.
School Timings?
Pre-primary: 8.25am-12.30pm, I-XI- 8.25am-3.00pm
Students dispersal times will be advised grades 1-10.
Can I meet the Director/Principal/Admission Coordinators?
Requests for appointment forms are available in Reception. If either management members
are free you may be able to meet them immediately, otherwise, you can request a meeting;
you will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm a time. The same process is used to make
times to meet with teachers.
Is there an entrance exam?
International-No. We assess for grade and ability once the child is in the classroom. The role
of the teacher is to teach to the students needs. However we do require detailed information
from previous schools.
CBSE –Yes. After you have submitted all required enrolment information you will be
invited to attend an assessment examination. This usually takes about 2 hours depending on
the grade level of the child.
Within how many days result of entrance exam will be announced?
The result will be announced through mail usually within a month.
What do I need to know about my child starting school for the first time?
You can bring your child in, we will have people to meet them and take them to class. You
will not be invited to go to the class with your child and will leave them at the reception
with a staff member. You should provide water and food for the day. There are two breaks
in the day morning tea (approximately 10am) and lunch approximately 12.30pm. You can
collect them at the advised finish times.
For pre primary – your child will be met by the class helper or the coordinator and taken to the
What is the contact numbers to reach the school?
95001 44791, 95001 18651. Or email us on [email protected] for further information.