TIME BANK: Christmas – not in December for

TIME BANK: Christmas – not in December for everyone
Do you celebrate Christmas in December? Well - we don't. I don't celebrate until in January
and my friend doesn't celebrate at all.
Our company has employees from many different countries, reflecting a rich diversity of cultures.
This demonstrates that ideas and personal initiatives are equally diverse, reaching far beyond one's own horizon.
Report based on the experience of Jenny Salkic (0198 0171)
"I don't celebrate until in January and my friend doesn't
celebrate at all. Both of us are well familiar with the
significance of this festivity and wanted to make a gift,
too. This time something valuable and precious:
Our time.
Due to an increased awareness gained through the
Time Bank, we spent the Christmas holidays in Gruft 2.
Our time at the homeless shelter was clearly a wake-up
call for us. We encountered so much human kindness
and experienced a lot, were able to actively contribute to
the welfare of our fellow human beings and put smiles
on the faces of strangers.
The staff on site fascinated us: In particular the retired
chef, who always endeavours to make the best out of
everything - his positive attitude is so contagious. The
kitchen assistants, migrants themselves, demonstrate
great commitment and friendliness and are highly
appreciated by all. The social workers, very competent,
with very open personalities – you can practically see the streak of social responsibility running through them. A
really great and lovely team!
We believe in karma and contend that the time you give to others is the time you find peace of mind.
Doing good and talking about it is important and not presumptuous. We want to motivate our colleagues to make
others happy and to help them - which doesn't always necessarily equate to donating money. Your time and an
honest smile help directly.
With our example, we also hope to excite people about volunteering - it's absolutely worthwhile!"