to the LiberTeas leaflet.

1215 - 2015
Sunday 14 June, 3pm
On the 800th anniversary of
Magna Carta, celebrate, debate and
reflect your freedoms and rights.
Join in a special day of
national commemoration
on Sunday 14 June at 3pm.
Get involved in LiberTeas, a special day of national commemoration, marking
the 800th anniversary of the sealing of
Magna Carta.
Communities across the UK will sit down to tea,
taking a moment to celebrate, debate or reflect
on our liberties.
There are lots of ways you can be involved with LiberTeas. You can sign up to host your
own event or if you know someone who you
think would make a host get them to sign up.
You could opt for a big family Sunday lunch in your home, starting or ending with a
commemorative toast, a local street party for
all your neighbours, a parade, a party in the
park, a ramble to celebrate your right to roam,
a pub quiz, a mass contemplation, or perhaps
a smaller indoor event, such as a high tea in
a residential home or a balloon debate in the
village hall. You could open up your town hall
or archives, run a special exhibition in your
museum or stage a play or concert.
Just so long as at 3pm you include the tea
moment, the options are endless!
If you’re not organising an event, go along to
support one locally instead. You can find your
nearest public event on our map at
LiberTeas has been developed by the Houses of Parliament as part of the 2015 ‘Parliament in the Making’
anniversaries programme in partnership with the
National Trust.
1215 - 2015