Position Title : Project Engineer ( EIT)

Position Title: Customer support executive – Service branch.
Reporting to: Branch head
Be the point of contact for servicing all requirements of the customer. The customer service executive
will be responsible to ensure that the client is delighted based on the service provided by the service
Key areas of contribution:
Specific job duties will include the following:
Be responsible for receiving and send off of client from the country.
Be familiar with office procedure and process as well as complete allocated training programs.
Process and procedure:
Ensure to implement and follow the process and procedure established by the organization.
Make recommendations to the branch manager to change the process / procedure based on
operational contingencies and justification.
Arrange for transportation in coordination with transportation coordinator and ensure that the
customer is met at the airport, taken to the hotel, hospital or accommodation center.
Ensure that the hospital where the patient is to be treated is notified in advance and consent obtained
before the patient travels down to India
Arrange for pre and post treatment accommodation.
Meet or speak to the customer at least once a day and confirm their comfort and convenience.
Ensure that all facilities to the client is made – Communication (mobile), Internet facilities,
transportation anywhere, hotel accommodation, hospital stay, convalescence, tourism arrangements,
visa assistance letter etc.
Ensure that the client’s visa is valid and if not, get it extended as required by the situation.
Keep the appropriate authorities informed on the extended stay of a client.
Ensure that the mobile being provided to the patient has all the numbers required by the patient to be
in contact with his country, in the country of service etc.
In case of emergency, follow the established procedure for addressing and solving it.
Report on the satisfaction level of the patient and statistics as required by the branch manager and
established procedure.
Report on the service levels of the service providers. Recommend the addition or deletion of service
provider based on their standard of providing the services.
Review the invoices received from the service provider and sign off on the monthly statements for
Follow up with accounts to ensure that the service providers are paid within the contractually agreed
time frame.
In case of non-clarity in a subject, obtain clarification from the supervisor.
Qualifications for the position:
Preferably an arts graduate with 2 or more years of experience in a multicultural background.
Experience in a service industry, hospital, travels or hospitality background.
Having managed clients/ customers and responsible for their satisfaction.
Proficient with mobile, wireless internet service.
Personal Qualities:
Be a team player with good interpersonal skills.
Excellent communication skills (both verbal and spoken) to interact with personnel at all levels
Written and verbal communication skills in English
Able to Multi-task and analyze logistics of transportation.
Familiar with the city and surrounding area geography
Customer focused and ensures that customer is serviced under all situations.