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Bridging the Gap
The purpose of the Bridging the Gap series is to allow UC
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button issues, foster an open exchange, and inform decision
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Audit and Advisory
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Update on Chancellor’s Key Initiatives and Long-Range
Wednesday, April 8, 2015
150 University Hall
3:00pm - 4:30pm
The Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay (BGCRB) will serve as a
new research and action hub in Richmond with a focus on global issues,
culture and collaboration. BGCRB will be the focal point for an
international coalition of academic institutions, private sector, and
community partners who will collaborate on research projects to
address complex global challenges. BGCRB is a new model for global
engagement and research integration that will have deep ties to the
main campus and to the local community through a variety of
educational, public health, community outreach, labor, and
transportation partnerships. Please join us to hear more about
current activities and future plans for BGCRB.
Speaker Notes
Nils Gilman, Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff, is a strategic advisor to the Chancellor and
responsible for the effective administrative organization and daily functioning of the Office of the
Chancellor. Nils works closely with the Chancellor and his senior leadership team, across a range of
day-to-day and long-range responsibilities. Nils represents the Office of the Chancellor to a variety of
internal and external constituencies, providing leadership and overall project management for key
strategic projects as well as coordinating activities and communications. Nils also provides the
Chancellor with briefings, administrative and policy support, and strategic advice. Nils holds a B.A.
(1993), M.A. (1995) and Ph.D. (2000) in History from Berkeley.
Rubén Lizardo, Director of Local Government and Community Relations in the Government and
Community Relations office, is the liaison between the campus and the cities of Berkeley, Richmond
and other cities in the East Bay. Rubén is a leader in supporting local and regional campus-community
partnerships across the East Bay and greater Bay Area. For much of his career, Rubén has worked with
local community organizations and city government, as well as with state and federal policy makers in
Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, Salinas, Fresno, Los Angeles, Watts, San
Diego and more. Rubén comes to UC Berkeley with an extensive background in community outreach,
organizing and research.
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