Barrie Sprints Saturday May 23​
th ​
2015 ​
Hosted by Barrie Rowing Club ​
205 Lakeshore Drive Barrie, Ontario L4N 7Y9 Regatta Chair ­ Derek Vair (705)796­1301 ​
[email protected] Regatta Co­Chair – Matt Gleben (705)734­2326 matt.gleben​ Regatta Admin – Christine Ignas ​
[email protected] ​
This is a 1000m sprint event for High School age crews. Event Breakdown Coaches meeting – 7:00am Umpires meeting – 7:30 am Boats start launching – 8:00 am First race of the day ­ 8:30 am Lunch Break ­ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Awards hand out ­ 4:00 pm – 4:20 pm ​
This regatta is designed to allow athletes to enjoy the end of the High School Season by being able to pay one flat fee to enter, and race as much as they want to all day. The cost per athlete is $25.00 and will give them up to 4 races. Please be sure your athletes are aware of all the necessary rules of racing including following Umpire commands and how “Quick Starts” work. Please check that your boats have secure bowballs, proper heel straps/ties and a bow marker holder. The course will be a roughly buoyed course with markers approximately every 150 meters. The start will be a floating start approximately 800m East of the dock and will conclude just West of the docks. ​
Hot Seating We don’t have an additional hot seating dock so all transitions will be made at the main dock. Please have a coach present at the dock when a switch is being made to ensure a safe and speedy change over. Hot seating will only be permitted for races that have a 3 race gap. If you are not able to accommodate all your crews due to a lack of equipment please ask regatta organizers if additional host club equipment is available. Please make every effort to reduce the amount of equipment changes and adjustments on the dock. Trailering All trailers may be parked on the grass to the west of the club, and we ask that only vehicles that are towing trailers go onto the grass. Only trailers may remain parked on the grass. There is ample parking in the lot or on the road. Parking The City of Barrie has implemented a paid parking policy throughout all lakeshore parking lots. All parking is now paid parking. Please use the pay and display kiosks at the parking lots to avoid fines. Barrie residents must display their parking pass to avoid fines. IMPORTANT NOTICE: When submitting your entries we required you to submit a license plate numbers for any vehicles that plan on parking on the grass. Example: trailering trucks or car topping vehicles. Municipal Law enforcement may issue tickets to anyone who has not submitted their plate number through us. Race Schedule Events with launch and race times are attached and will be followed as close as possible. These events are staggered to try to alleviate pressure on boats and athletes. We will be able to race 5 boats at a time. Times will be taken and placement will be determined by time for events with more than one race Entries The entry fee for all High School athletes is ​
$25.00 ​
and is payable through credit card through the online registration system. The school will receive a wrist band for each athlete registered. ​
Late entries will be at the cost of $35.00 per athlete ​
and can be done up to 5pm Wednesday May 21st online or at registration on the day of the regatta Protests Protests may be made within 30mins of race time, and will require a $50 cash and a written protest submitted to the Regatta Chair and Chief Umpire. Uniforms With only a roughly buoyed course we ask that all crews be sure they are supplied with a bow marker, and their school colors or uniforms are clearly visible. We encourage crews to have fun with their racing outfits but ask that they are tasteful and that they are distinguishable by the other teams and umpires. Points Overall Barrie High School Sprints Trophy will go to the team that accumulates the most points. Please note: events with less than 3 entries may be run with another event but will not count towards total points. First Place = 3 points, Second Place = 2 points, Third Place = 1 point All Clubs that wish to participate must register the number of athletes & Boat entries that will be attending by Tuesday May 19​
th ​
@ 9pm through the online registration system. Entries after this time will be allowed but will be assessed a higher fee. Preliminary draws will be sent out no later than 5pm Wednesday May 20st. A list of all athlete names can be e­mailed in advance or brought directly to the office staff on the regatta day at registration time. Extra draws will be available at the coaches’ meeting on Saturday morning. Changes and additions can be made at the event at the coaches’ meeting. We will do our best to accommodate any request. Our priority is giving athletes a quality racing experience. REGISTER ONLINE NOW by following the links on our website. Taking into account the number of entries last year this is the forecasted schedule. There have been some changes to the line­up. As the Barrie Sprints is early in the season Junior races for singles and doubles will not be scheduled. Experienced Juniors may register in the Senior category for these races. Event # Event 1 Sr. Men's Single 2 Sr. Women's Double 3 Jr. Men's Four 4 Jr. Women's Quad 5 Sr Women's Single 6 Sr. Men's Coxed Four 7 Jr. Men's Eight 8 Sr. Women's Four 9 Sr. Men's Double 10 Jr. Men's Quad 11 Jr. Women's Eight 12 Mixed Rec Double 13 Sr. Women's Quad 14 Sr, Men's Quad 15 Jr. Women's Four 16 Sr. Women's Eight 17 Novice Men's Four 18 Mixed Rec Quad 19 Mixed Eight 20 Novice Women's Four 21 Sr. Men's Eight