MSB Summer Program 2015 Description Web

MSB Summer Program 2015
Children’s House Sessions for ages 3-6
$500/two-week session; $350/half-days
CH1: Glorious Gardeners (June 22 – July 2, no camp 7/3)
Come ready to paint your thumb “green!” This session will be full of fun and frolic as we sing, sprout,
and share eye-opening adventures. We’ll work in the garden and explore our meadows and woodland
flora to create garden inspired arts & crafts. Head Teacher: Bonny Flower
CH2: Art Imitates Nature (July 6-17) FULL – Please call to be added to the waitlist
With basket in hand, we will gather flowers, leaves, rocks, and other tidbits of natural materials to use in
fun and unexpected ways. Each day we’ll create nature-based works of art from dream catchers to
terrariums, leaf paintings to wind chimes. We’ll let our imaginations turn a maple seed into a
masterpiece! Head Teacher: Leia Bibiloni-Nelson
CH3: In the Footsteps of Darwin (July 20-31) FULL – Please call to be added to the waitlist
Calling all Naturalists! There’s so much to discover under rocks and high above. This week, we’ll make
daily entries of what we see and hear around us. We’ll wrap up the session with a tailor-made Nature
Journal sure to make any naturalist proud. Head Teacher: Leia Bibiloni-Nelson
CH4: Explore the Woods (August 3-14)
The tree canopy will be our ceiling and the forest floor our carpet as we find new ways to explore
Mother Nature’s playscape. With hills and trees to climb, there’s never a dull moment. A fallen log can
be a boat, a fire engine, or a school bus. Treasures found on the forest floor can be fairy food or precious
gems. Sticks and stones can have some surprising uses! Head Teacher: Rose Bohmann
Elementary one-week sessions for ages 6-12
$250/one-week session
EL1: Comic Book Camp! (June 22-26) FULL – Please call to be added to the waitlist
Immerse yourself in the world of Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and self-published zines in this weeklong camp. We’ll be reading and drawing while learning character development skills aimed at creating
your own comic books. Expect laughter, pencil shavings, and page-turning excitement.
Head Teacher: Joey Chernila
EL2: Historical Journey (June 29-July 2)
Embark on a journey through our nation’s history. We’ll spend each day exploring a different century
from American History through art, crafts, food, stories, and games. Head Teacher: Bridgette Moore
EL3: Food, Fitness, & Fun – A Balancing Act (July 6-10)
We are happier and healthier when we live a life of balance. This week, we will build balance, strength,
and endurance through movement and exercise, as well as preparing delicious and nutritious food.
Balance-themed indoor/outdoor games, activities and crafts that focus on positivity and self care will
round out the week. Head Teacher: Cameron Allshouse
EL4: Games, Games, Games (July 13-17) FULL – Please call to be added to the waitlist
This week, we’ll focus on complex games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and
other strategy games. Cooperative board games will round out the week. Plus, make your own games as
you learn about elements of game design. Bring your imagination, logical thinking, and team spirit! Head
Teacher: Aaron Eliassen
EL5: Mapping My World (July 20-24)
Come explore and interpret landscapes in the world around us and the world within us through the art
of cartography. Mapmakers will be called on to explore many uses and meanings of maps as they create
maps of their camp, town, room, and home, in addition to maps of their day, favorite book, and their
own heart! Head Teacher: Joey Chernila.
EL6: Make Your Own Toys! (July 27-31)
Parents, how often do you hear, “there’s nothing to play with!”? We’ll explore the craft of toy-making,
using ordinary objects for extraordinary fun. We’ll make sun-dials, propellers, mustaches, water-scopes,
telephones, instruments, kites, as well as style board games, card games, and invent outdoor games
together. Let's look at the history of toys and definitely find lots to play with!
Head Teacher: Bryn Davis
EL7: True or False? (August 3-7)
In this week-long writing workshop we will explore the idea of truth in fiction and fiction in real life.
What does it mean when we say a story or a poem "feels" true? What about when something seems too
wild to be true, but has really happened? And how can writing about things that are true, or "feel" true
help us better understand the world we live in? We'll spend the week reading published poetry and
stories, discussing the ideas of truth and fiction, and writing and reading our own poems and stories.
The week will culminate a presentation of student work.
Head Teacher: Nell McCabe
EL8: Drama! (August 10-14)
Join MSB Drama Specialist, Dana Harrison of Shakespeare & Co. for a weeklong drama exploration.
Dana holds a Masters degree in Theatre Education from Emerson College. She has been teaching drama
at MSB since its inception in 2006. Dana is a professional actor, education artist, and manager with
Shakespeare & Company, and performs with other theatre organizations. Learn how to make stories
come alive this week!